Insert tine treatment

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1. Inserting tine principle to insert tine is to use the knife that insert tine to be in on the machine that insert tine inside treatment, the tooth flank that wait machines external gear or rack method. Insert the treatment process of tine, tell from the principle, be equivalent to the clench the teeth of gear of cylinder of a pair of straight tine. Workpiece and the athletic form of the knife that insert tine, see graph 1a. The knife that insert tine is equivalent to grinding the horn after the horn before going out is mixed on gear, form the gear of cutting blade, and base of tine teeth of a cogwheel serves as another gear. Direction of axes of workpiece of edge of the cutting tool when inserting tine makes high-speed move back and forth move point-blank, form cutting treatment advocate motion, still make the clench the teeth that does not have clearance move with workpiece at the same time, on workpiece treatment gives tooth profile of all teeth of a cogwheel. In adding a process, every move back and forth cuts cutting tool only a workpiece is alveolar very small one part, the tooth flank curve with alveolar workpiece is by blade of cutting of the knife that insert tine for many times the place of the line that include sth resembling a net of cutting comprises, if pursue,1b place is shown. Graph when the 1 principle that insert tine inserts tine to machine, the machine that insert tine must have the following campaign: (1) advocate on the move back and forth that motion inserts tine knife, next sports say to give priority to motion. Will express with minutely frequency of stroke, it is cutting journey downward, it is return stroke up. (2) when exhibiting motion to insert tine, concern of one secondary to gear motion of clench the teeth must retain between the knife that insert tine and workpiece, insert tine knife namely every had turned a tine (1/Z knife turns) when, workpiece also must have turned a tine (1/Z labour turns) . (3) radial feed campaign comes to be cut gradually the complete tine of workpiece is deep, the knife that insert tine must have radial feed campaign. Radial feed is to use the knife that insert tine every time the workpiece in journey of move back and forth or the millimeter number with cutting tool mobile radial will express. Should achieve when complete tine is deep, the machine tool suspends radial feed campaign automatically, workpiece and cutting tool must are opposite roll a week, ability treatment gives all teeth of a cogwheel. (4) the opposite movement that circumferential feed motion exhibits motion to insert tine knife and workpiece certainly only concerns, and campaign is decided quickly, slow by circumferential feed motion. The arc length that journey of each move back and forth has turned on reference circle calls the knife that insert tine circumferential feed, its unit is journey of Mm/ move back and forth. (5) the abrade when motion letting a knife returns to avoid to insert tine knife to be in already was machined the surface and reduce cutting tool to wear away, get out of the way answers between cutting tool and workpiece a paragraph of distance, and when inserting tine knife to begin to be down working journey afresh, should restore instantly former, so that cutting tool is down cutting workpiece. This kind of get out of the way and extensive recover from an illness motion calls campaign letting a knife. The machine inserting tine of general new model passes cutter spindle swing will achieve exercise letting a knife, let the vibration that the knife produces in order to reduce. Graph the transmission principle of the 2 machine that insert tine pursues the 2 transmission principle graphs that are the machine that insert tine. Advocate athletic drive catenary by " electromotor M, 1, 2, Uv, 3, 4, 5, brace is prejudicial dish of A, main shaft of the knife that insert tine (move back and forth moves point-blank) " composition, among them displacement orgnaization Uv is used at the change to insert tine knife number of journey of minutely move back and forth. Circumferential feed kinematic chain by " main shaft of the knife that insert tine (move back and forth moves point-blank) , brace is prejudicial dish of A, 5, 4, 6, Us, 7, 8, 9, deputy B of worm worm wheel, main shaft of the knife that insert tine (whirligig) " composition, among them orgnaization Us uses displacement to adjust circumferential feed volume. Extend athletic drive cable length by " main shaft of the knife that insert tine (whirligig) , deputy B of worm worm wheel, 9, 8, 10, Uc, 11, 12, deputy C of worm worm wheel, workbench main shaft (whirligig) " place composition, among them the accurate and opposite campaign that orgnaization Uc uses displacement to adjust the knife that insert tine and work place to need concerns. Because let knife motion and radial cut motion not to join exterior figuration campaign directly, because this pursues 2 in did not express. 2. The craft characteristic of the treatment that insert tine (1) precision of the treatment that insert tine is taller because insert tine,examine all relatively hob is handy, easy assure to make precision, reason can make sure the tooth form precision that inserts tine is tall; But when the treatment that insert tine, each tooth in order cuts those who make work on cutting tool individually alveolar, consequently, the pitch of the knife that insert tine accumulates an error to will be delivered directly by treatment gear, affect the athletic precision of the gear that be cut. (2) error of the teeth directional that insert tine is bigger than gear hobbing because insert the axes of main shaft circumgyrate of tine machine and workbench rotor,parallelism alignment error exists between the line, together with inserts tine knife reciprocate is frequent, main shaft and sleeve wear away easily, the teeth directional deviation that inserts tine so compares gear hobbing normally big. (3) tooth flank surface roughness is worth lesser because insert tine knife,be edge teeth of a cogwheel cut next cutting continuously endlong bits, when because form tooth form to include the tangent number of line of subsidiary channels in the human body through which vital energy,still comparing gear hobbing much, because this inserts the gear hobbing of excel of tooth flank surface roughness of tine treatment. (4) the cutting speed of the lower than gear hobbing knife that insert tine gets the productivity that insert tine inertial limitation raises reciprocate hard, in addition idle stroke loss is big, because this productivity is machined under gear hobbing. Insert tine to apply to treatment modulus is small, the internal gear with narrower facewidth, double couplet or tine of many couplet gear, rack, sector. CNC Milling CNC Machining