Wagesi is rolled out can change bit type MINI

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To make small diameter bores hole, whorl, recessing is OK and common a cutting tool, wagesi was rolled out can exchange series of bit type Mini-V, saved a large number of cost for the client. Mini-V series machines diametical limits to be 8~16mm. To great majority application, mini-V series can offer Wagesi standard items, include straight chamfer, circular arc chamfer, end panel chamfer, long nose profile modeling, instead chamfer of boring, standard, bore hole and thread machining cutting tool. 16 distinctive? Mm knife handle (alloy steel or hard alloy solder steel head) , effective length is 80~130mm, the system of card of sleeve type outfit that additionally Mini-V arbor innovates rose to fight brace up gender and flexibility and assure high accuracy cutting. Additional, the TiCN physics coating that Wagesi uses wear-resisting can get breathtaking handling time and cover large-scale cutting rate, to processing data, apply to alloy steel, stainless steel, nickel radical alloy, aluminium alloy and exceed hard data. CNC Milling CNC Machining