EROWA is flexible production concept

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Of EROWA company flexible production concept (FMC) showed the method that how divides a measure to build reasonable knead dough to equip to prospective production and sense. Measure the standardization of the indirect mouth that one the first pace is machine tool workbench and workpiece. Use on all machine tools same kind of workpiece clip those who hold a system to won't improve treatment is flexible, because the spare parts may be in,random undertakes machining on a machine tool. But the tray system of workpiece is OK move to locate to another machine tool from a machine tool at booking the position. Be adjusted because of all installation and intending the work undertake outside the machine tool, can reduce the machine down time of the machine tool substantially so. Prepare tray, change to machine the position quickly, the machine tool can be started afresh instantly. Same, also use the tray that deploys clamping apparatus to exchange a system on other machine tool, can change quickly clamping apparatus, use at other to machine working procedure, work need not be moved in machine tool jacket. 2 the 2nd pace shows move, the preparation of electrode or workpiece and measuring is finished from the line. The EROWA preliminary adjustments that uses special design is versed in, data of all and necessary compensation is collected in moving process of EDM or milling machine, did not measure on the machine tool consequently circulate and clean time. Sometimes, this conduces to monitoring manufacturing a machine tool nonproductive labor situation place uses time. Because saved manufacturing time, need 12 months to call in only an EROWA preliminary adjustments is versed in total investment. It is content is worth somewhat really. Measure 3 the 3rd pace is completely about machine tool automation. To every user, basically have 24 hours of moving latent capacity, but generally speaking, not be full time is able to apply. Use device of the makings on EROWA electrode or workpiece (robot) , although operator is absent the spot, the machine tool also can move normally, such, also can use as on the weekend manufacturing time. One uses the EDM machine tool of EROWA robot, can move 12 hours below circumstance of unmanned in charge of. Measure 4 the 4th situation is said for compositive. It basically is will all production cost of file of data, CAM, compensation and manufacturing order are compositive arrive one case, accordingly, machine tool operator can affirm each project to moving normally and begin the work. compositive in our JMS(r)Pro software package monitoring and warning decice, in can showing a workshop move actually. Pass computer remote control, can see the manufacturing state of whole product line or only station machine tool. Anyhow, EROWA FMC(is flexible production concept) it is a kind of method that faces future is made in industry pattern with the success was scored in production. CNC Milling CNC Machining