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Summary MEC-4 boring machine, error of Z axis occurrence overload, outline, power source module calls the police. Use reduce slideway carry kinetic friction force, increase transmission comparing to raise transmission gear precision, add outfit float to prop up, the method that washs grating foot removes trouble. The graph in measure of overload of axis of Z of keyword MEC-4 boring machine classifies date TH 165.

3 document label piles up B one, boring machine of MEC-4 of machine tool structure (graph) belong to much axis medium-sized equipment, main shaft box has perpendicular direction to move (Y axis) , boring lever is mobile (D axis) , whirligig (A axis) ; Workbench has fore-and-aft inside horizontal linear campaign (Z axis, journey 1300mm) , transverse and sharp movement (X axis) , whirligig (B axis) ; Workbench grows 1200mm, wide 1500mm. The treatment that applies to department of aperture of the combination on casing, planar, whorl to wait. To raise level of machine tool automation, use SINUMERIK802C Xi Menzi) numerical control system undertakes transforming to axis of X, Y, Z3, realize axis of 3 axes linkage, B 360 ° of 0 ° ~ stepless rotates, can machine complex form face. Machine tool lower level is fore-and-aft procrastinate greatly board (Z axis) , middle-level is transverse procrastinate board (X axis) , face of superstratum revolving stage coming back (B axis) , whole weight about 2t, z axis procrastinates board by communication servo electric machinery (IFT5074-IAC71-4FB0) , 14Nm of torsion of the biggest output, classics drive is compared (1/2) decelerate of disappear unoccupied place gear, drive ball guide screw (3100mm) of × of 5mm of φ 50mm × rotates, drive Z axis procrastinates board sharp movement. 2, occurrence overload of breakdown phenomenon and axis of influencing factor Z calls the police, outline error calls the police, power source module calls the police. The machine tool cannot work normally. Guide screw of feet of examination servo electric machinery, grating, shaft coupling, ball, procrastinate board athletic face. Discover deputy card of guide screw of overheat of servo electric machinery, ball feet of dead, grating has contamination. 1. Overload calls the police the 2t of gross weight of influencing factor workbench of breakdown is much, crawl of muscularity of block of sliding slideway attrition, low speed, cause motion to lose a condition; Torsion of communication servo electric machinery slants small, flow easily too calorific; Precision of lower than precision of small, gear, drive needs gearshift drive; Diameter of ball guide screw and pitch damage difference of small, carrying capacity, easily; Ball silk staff is particularly senior, filar lever center and slideway parallelism assure not easily, block dead guide screw easily deputy. 2. The feet of influencing factor grating that outline error calls the police is dirty, cannot feedback correctly signal; Mechanical drive loses a condition. 3. The influencing factor output that power source module calls the police controls sequential disorder; Wave motion of voltage of electrified wire netting is big. 3, solve measure 1. Reduce force of slideway motion attrition if this equipment is transformed for scroll slideway, transform expense tall (about 50 thousand yuan) , workload great time is long. Use guide stickup get together the plan of adhesive plaster of 4 fluorine ethylene, can reduce the attrition resistance that makes an appointment with 1/3, transform expense 10 thousand yuan, the operation is simple. When stickup adhesive plaster, slideway must be cleaned clean, not smeary. Choose oil resistant to stick receive a dose. Adhesive plaster is stuck equably smooth, must not have air gap. Deserve to blow adhesive plaster, make sure slideway is mixed in the level perpendicular the linear precision inside two plane (0.

02mm) . 2. Increase transmission to increase transmission to compare than raising transmission gear precision (1:7.

5) , make electric machinery is in 100 ~ move below the condition of 300r/min. The rotate speed of electric machinery also cannot too low, too low when, torsion character is soft. Raise transmission gear precision 6 level, so that raise transmission precision and fixed position precision. 3. The norms that increases ball guide screw (3100mm) of × of 12mm of φ 63mm × , carrying capacity compares former guide screw (3100mm) of × of 5mm of φ 50mm × increases one times much, improve service life. 4. Take out former tigidity is propped up, instead float is propped up. Solved the parallelism problem of guide screw and slideway, make sure line of guide screw center and slideway parallelism are in - 05 ~ + 0.

Inside 05mm, make sure campaign of ball guide screw is slick. 5. Clean disorder of sequential of block control of model of grating feet power source, often call the police. The change controls route, make of power source module make can terminal T48, T63, T64 is controlled through PLC, leave in order to satisfy its, the sequential requirement when closing report. 4, installation debugs machinery to assemble, make sure each motion orgnaization freelies neatly; Transmission comparing and pitch figure are revised in machine tool parameter; Measure pitch to accumulate an error, undertake real time is compensated, assure to locate the error is in 0.

Inside 01mm; Measure backlash, backlash figure is revised in machine tool parameter, make sure the error is in 0.

Inside 02mm. Take afore-mentioned step, classics after using, it is normal that the machine tool moves, the product quality qualification of treatment is stable. CNC Milling CNC Machining