Raise cast-iron turning to machine efficiency and stability

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The constituent B) with common and cast-iron A) the organization of nodular cast iron pursues 1 common and cast-iron the organization with nodular cast iron is cast-iron: Chap collapse is broken model the graph that cut bits 2 collapse break model the graph that cut bits the graph cutting bits of 3 nodular cast iron B) of slippery coating of complete Hei Chaoping of 4 completely black UC5105 and UC5115 razor blade and coating structure A) is general CVD coating pursues slippery coating of 5 complete Hei Chaoping and general CVD. Common and cast-iron also say grey mouth is cast-iron, stone mill of shape of the lozenge in its organization (graph 1a) black lead is solid lubricant, have self-lubricating action, reason oneself wearability is very good, the lathe bed of the machine tool, the important part such as the cylinder body of engine is commonly used, but piece shape stone which are easy the brittleness that flake is crystal, not impulse withstand, its cut bits cannot successive and stretchy, form collapse to break model cut bits (graph 2) causes cutting force to fluctuate ceaselessly, high frequency vibration produces in cutting process. Of cast surface coarse with rough, make cutting tool produces mechanical wear when cutting. Cut bits to stick receive (Adhesion) , frit is received (Welding) is in cutting tool surface. Also can cause from this in cutting wear away reach be short of caustic (Chipping) damaged (Broken) . What nodular cast iron shows the black lead in the organization forms state of ball Chinese ink via special processing is cast-iron (graph 1b) makes function increases greatly thereby, its fight tensile strength to be able to amount to 900MPa even. It has fixed outspread rate, reason cuts bits to may be shown successive and banding (graph 3) . Face of the knife before cutting tool wears away can increase, because contain black lead organization, cutting force has wave motion therefore. When its matrix organization is pearlite, because hardness is tall cutting tool damaged is bigger, when its organization is ferrite. Cut bits easy felt. Frit knot is on cutting tool. Each tool big manufacturer is efficient treatment the cutting tool that cast-iron spare parts sends new cutting tool material, coating and finer geometrical shape structure in ceaseless effort annulus. Company of 3 water chestnut is new developed what machine in the light of of all kinds and cast-iron spare parts is completely black, exceed UC5105 of flowing and high grade coating and UC5115 to make a person fix eyes upon (graph 4) . These 2 kinds of razor blade are in automobile manufacturing industry, in waiting for a lot of industries, compressor manufacturing industry gains very great success. Graph the 4 coating that are UC5105 and UC5115 are organized. Characteristic of this kind of organization is: Wearability is tall, its reason depends on using thick film small pull Al2O3 and fiber shape to make bead TiCN coating, this rises than original CVD coating wearability a lot of. Be able to bear or endure be short of caustic, be able to bear or endure damaged sex is tall, be short of caustic or weigh breach, small collapse. Damaged, common calls collapse blade, it is the agglomeration such as hard alloy form of a kind of of material of strong fragile cutting tool peculiar injury. It is to be in bear when urgent revulsion of the concussion of force or thermal stress changes place to form thermal shock, the brittleness that cause is injured, because cut bits to stick,also may be receive frit go up in cutting tool and cause, knot of general felt, frit wears away is metallic spare parts wear away one of reasons. To hard for material of fragile agglomeration cutting tool, if have apparently in cutting tool,mainer is firm stick receive (Adhesion) . Frit is received (of Wolding) cut bits or accumulate bits tumour, after they are being machined to pound by sequel, make it and cutting tool surface detached forcibly, in depart while make cutting tool surface or data of the share on point also are taken away simultaneously, this says to stick receive frit be short of caustic and damaged. UC5105 and UC5115 divide Tu Fu of hard wear-resisting fight outside sticking the layer of high grade Al2O3 that receives frit, still take special flowing coat (Even Coating) method makes exterior smoothness rises substantially, make fight from the face stick receive frit to receive function progress to rise, of felt and frit form content decrease, this respect causes change an injury to also decrease greatly. Graph the 5 exterior surface roughness that are the super coating that make the same score confuse and general coating are compared, quality of surface of spare parts of treatment of place of stuff of this kind of coating is ameliorable also. Improve horniness to combine base material function, UC5105 uses tall hardness base material. Get used to high speed successive cutting is cast-iron. UC5115 uses special coriaceous base material to get used to interrupted cutting, the UC5115 below the circumstance in unidentified cutting condition is first selection material. Graph 6 in, red circle represents successive cutting, take 4 breach red circle to express interrupted cutting, belt red circle of a breach expresses general cutting. Graph 6 in ordinate expresses to cut deep. S expresses light cutting (Ap=0.

5 ~ 1.

5mm) , the cutting in M watch (Ap=1.

5 ~ 4.

4mm) , g watch follows heavy cut (Ap=4 ~ 7mm) , abscissa expresses feed. Neat elliptical upper part is the commendatory chamfer that break bits in the graph. Be like MA, full week, flat-roofed (do not have bits chamfer namely) etc, lower part expresses commendatory cutting tool material. UC5105, UC5115 and standard of ISO hard alloy contrast with if pursue,recommend cutting requirement 7. UC5105 is to ask turning adds man-hour, the knife sheet that chooses when wearability is tall expects. UC5115 is turning adds man-hour, ask at the same time wearability and tenacity all good, when 2 kinds of function can achieve a balance, the razor blade that should choose. In the watch knowable UC5115 also can cutting carbon steel, alloy steel. Graph 8 it is these 2 kinds of material, use example. When finish machining uses lower than light cutting cutting dosage. Usable cermet NX2525, the belt is sharp grind the bit that makes a R/L-F of the chamfer that break bits to machine. 50 time begin 20 centuries a lot of institutes, the company cherishs a kind of ideal then. Think a kind to contrive new-style cast-iron, its intensity, hardness comparing is common and cast-iron tall, its but casting sex, heat up conductibility, machinability is much more cast-iron than the ball more a few, this kind of cast-iron black lead structure is shown vermicular, chinese ink weighing squirm is cast-iron abbreviation CGI. The black lead in cast-iron microstructure formed squirm Chinese ink three-dimensional vermicular particle. This kind of structure is scanning electron microscope (look as if below SEM) coral. Configuration of its black lead plus circular brim irregular surface, make very big adhesion bound is had between black lead and matrix crackle is generated with development, its tensile strength can compare reason common and cast-iron tall 75% , hardness tall 45% , its fall in high temperature condition fatigue strength endurance is 5 times taller than aluminium. As a result of the superior integral performance with squirm cast-iron Chinese ink, to need to bear of expensive machine and thermic load answer more than provided applied room, at present it already was mixed in derv engine the many sided such as air cylinder lid is used more and more widely, because it can bear higher combustion pressure. Increase when force of air cylinder middling pressure, combustion process becomes cleaner, carbon dioxide, atomic, of the waste gas such as oxidation nitrogen, pollutant discharge reduce greatly, its environmental protection heals justice very big. Graph suitable scope of material of 2 kinds of 7 razor blade and recommended cutting condition squirm Chinese ink is cast-iron had be notted standardize like common and cast-iron, nodular cast iron up to now, because this cutting adds man-hour, because squirm Chinese ink changes a condition, what ball of partial black lead changes rate, pearlite to measure is different, by cutting function likelihood difference is very big, when machining it. General the most important delay choice cutting speed, choose roughly normally common and cast-iron with nodular cast iron between and more adjacent at nodular cast iron applicable recommend volt, roughly optional than common and cast-iron low 10% , taller than nodular cast iron 5% , make an appointment with 20m/min properer (sic. Editor of cutting technology website considers as 120m/min properer) . The feed when treatment and cut deep (the back takes power) not be so big to cutting tool life, but iron of squirm Mo Zhu makes thin wall part more, when cutting often only cutting cast surface layer. Surface layer is hard degenerative look more, rough machining appropriate is cut as far as possible explore some. Right now cutting speed criterion appropriate is reduced appropriately. When be machined actually, the tensile strength that still needs to notice Chinese ink of certain circumstance squirm is cast-iron, hardness, 02% succumb intensity probability is higher than nodular cast iron, the situation that still is needed than nodular cast iron by cutting sex also has. Graph 8 application example pursues Mo Zhu iron organizes 9 squirm CNC Milling CNC Machining