The 3rd kind of driving force that crystal of the diamond in solution grows

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The driving force that crystal of the diamond in the solution below condition of high temperature high pressure grows is OK reduce two kinds: Namely by superfluous control the driving force that cause and the driving force that cause by temperature difference. Before one kind is carbolic atom the driving force that diverts to diamond from black lead in the solution of constant pressure temperature; Hind one kind is carbolic atom in the solution in constant pressure temperature from relatively the diamond of high temperature to inferior the driving force that lukewarm diamond diverts. By the surface freedom can differ the driving force that cause to be able to call the 3rd kind of driving force that diamond crystal grows, this kind of view results from the analysis of growing feature of unusual to using the diamond in the diamond polycrystal agglomeration of metallic auxiliary bead. Experimental result behaves the following and common characteristic: 1, black lead photograph did not discover in all sample 2, unusual bead grows the position that begins to happen always is in metallic auxiliary is relatively rich the place of collect, with located in sample geometry position and the temperature that estimate possibly pressure distributings to do not have corresponding relation 3, diamond is unusual growing grain and all round film of a metal exists normally between petty grain, its ply comes in a few micron between tens of micron 4, diamond is unusual the growth of growing grain speed lifts along with temperature and increase apparently 5, raw material size is smaller, unusual bead growing phenomenon jumps over diamond incidental, and grow rate is rapidder 6, compare with the exterior posture of granuality of raw material diamond, diamond is unusual growing grain surface relative to level off unusual bead growing phenomenon makes clear this kind of diamond: The material that produced obvious only way in the system carries a process. Go in the bigger grain that carbon shifts unusual development in great quantities through metallic solution from inside diamond of raw material small pink, make this kind of grain is brought up quickly, use up the small pink all round at the same time. The matter that makes transport of carbolic atom only way is not two kinds of driving force that before be like, narrate: Did not discover black lead photograph in each phase of all sample agglomeration above all, this believes firmly by superfluous pressure the driving force that cause is nonexistent; The geometrical position with unusual located in sample at the same time bead and the temperature pressure that estimate possibly distributing to do not have corresponding relation, it is random, and, diamond is unusual the growth of growing grain speed is very sensitive to temperature and raw material granuality, this believes firmly the driving force that causes by temperature difference is nonexistent also. OK and suppositional existence a kind a driving force related to granuality, below action of this kind of driving force, on one hand carbolic atom enters a metal from dissolve of petty grain surface ceaselessly, on the other hand carbolic atom arrives from the separate out in the metal ceaselessly give big grain surface to go up. Actually, dissolve and separate out is in size grain surface should exist at the same time, when what just lean when them is very close, dissolve in small pink surface fast at separate out, and be more than in separate out of big grain surface deliquescent, small pink has the large much area that compare a list when its reason, the exterior freedom that its surface freedom can compare big grain can be tall, be in especially small pink granuality very hour, this kind of difference is more apparent. CNC Milling CNC Machining