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Because the demand of mining industry is added urgently, bring about raw material rise in price and of the dollar fatigued and weak, manufactory of equipment of Telsmith stone crusher knows very well, must raise yield, ability maintains lease of life. Investment of this job shops purchased new mechanical facility and cutting tool, its the limit of CAM system is advanced ahead, make its hold the high end in ascendant curve. The successful experience of technology of a few production, explain what old old supplier will be replaced by new supplier eventually. But the circumstance of manufactory of equipment of city Telsmith stone crusher is not Wisconsin city Mequon such. Recently, this company is carrying out a pressing production to plan, in order to satisfy the requirement that mining industry rises quickly. Stone crusher equipment increases this one current ceaselessly is rise in price to be caused with the circumstance with fatigued and weak dollar by raw material (graph 1) . However, they are not the solution is recommended over there the supplier anew, their target is the wide support that tries to pass its supplier, absorb valuable experience from inside the CAM software of job shops and machine tool equipment. Graph 1 as a result of raw material price rise and of the dollar fatigued and weak, the key with this successful job shops depends on the demand that stone crusher equipment created a workshop to experience the market to increase ceaselessly to stone crusher equipment, used the Edgecam software that provides by company of Planit Solutions of city of Michigan city Southfield to regard new process designing as the method. This company relies on Edgecam software to had had 10 old time, to improve productivity, this company pursued a new system, adopt this one system and every program, solve an aftertreatment gradually implement in every job. Its make a person well-content as a result, periodic time shortens greatly, feed rate and rate rise, year deliver goods the forehead broke up one time, investment return rate (ROI) rise. This company claims, if not with its supplier clasp, also won't have such today raising, its supplier includes Giddings of manufacturer of Edgecam company, machine tool&Lewis company (a branch of system of MAG industry automation, the sole supplier that coming 30 years is Telsmith company all the time) with company of tool supplier Kennametal. What make the one part of effort as its, telsmith company holds to, its supplier of each productivity of place acceptance rise, answer to examine through ROI date from. Affirmatory company whether gain by process designing of numerical control of manufacturing project manager Mr Dennis Van Asten, CNC member Mr Michael Wier and Mr David Worzalla, and machine tool operator and inspect manage are collective and responsible. Because this company received a few years to come the order of top 44 million dollar, the demand that to its to satisfy a client accordingly stone crusher equipment increases increasingly, mr Van Asten, Mr Worzalla and Mr Wier are in charge of the overall plan that the company continues to advance, transform the outdated is backward production technology since this workshop is long-term. In mining industry, business cycle should compare other capital commonly concentrated model industry is long two 3 times, and iron and steel industry, auto industry, space navigation and energy industry perhaps even a few longer. In addition, cast-iron weight is in a lot of plasticity that Telsmith company uses 15 ~ 40t, value thousands of dollar, as a result of longer delivery time, make its change very hard the spare parts that discard as useless. Not only such, this company deals with the competition that comes from low area even. Mr Wier says: "To any component, mere the time of a few months, improve the blueprint model that replaces oneself ceaselessly even. " his complement says, exclusive settlement method -- carry technical innovation forever, only such, the person that copy is risked just cannot overtake. The parent company of this job shops is Astec Industries company, be located in city of Tennessee city Chattanooga, this is the supplier of facilities of whole set treatment with North America the largest area, and the firm rock in midstream that Telsmith company is this one business. The stone crusher that Telsmith company makes 3 kinds of kinds (alligator type crusher, conic crusher and concussion type crusher) , its measurement standards is diversiform, use at bldg. of industry of mining industry, concrete, road and relevant industry. This company uses 3 exercise of 24h to make, every job 8h. Saturday, partial personnel works only 6h. Besides bevel gear and bearing beyond a kind general merchandise, entire part is produced inside the factory. Mr Wier and Mr Worzalla assure to be Astec company and clients to offer the product that they need. Besides emphasize using Edgecam software to undertake process designing beyond, this job shops returned investment to purchase the cutting tool of advanced carbide hard alloy that provides by Kennametal company and two new-style machine tools of G&L company. The machine tool of new-style date includes vertical of Cincinnati VMC of a machining center of turning of vertical of a 4 axes, 3 axes machining center and a many axis car milling machine. These 3 are bed of large scale computer, tall 20 ~ 30ft (1ft=0.

3048m) , width is almost identical also. To carry out the treatment of 100% , the workshop offers a lot of macroinstruction to attack whorl and bougie to measure. Almost right before of each cutting tool changed to make reform with cutting, in every part program full automatic change bougie to detect the risk that periodic help disappear ruptures besides cutting tool. Collect probe quantity to need 30s only, and the measurement previously needs 5 ~ 10min, job shops can do more bougie to detect now the job. Bougie detects data will feedback automatically aftertreatment implement, eliminated accident hidden danger thereby, avoided a risk and solved other a series of problems. Mr NextpageWier says, measure through sweeping probe, it is correct that the proof purchases high-end cutting tool from Kennametal company. It is OK that bougie is measured avoid cutting tool is in cast is coarse apparently damaged risk, because be in coarse the consequence that often can produce expect to be less than apparently or the risk that encounter an accident. In addition, this job shops still was used be as long as the macroinstruction of 42 pages and variable parameter, concern the treatment of toothed whorl especially. Show as a result of their cross section asymmetrical condition, because this is toothed,whorl is had bear the best function of tall stress in pounding bear, vibration and stone crusher. Mr Wier says, the machining center of new-style vertical turning of this workshop (the VTC 2500 of company of a G&L machine tool) change feed is led and can machine speed, at the same time but embedded arrives in cutting, won't lose oriented part. Use different macroinstruction, although be on same whorl, also allow workshop change to attack whorl feed rate and rate, shorten thereby periodic. Process designing member people still use CAM program variable to simplify update -- the variable that machines cycle to be able to amount to 17 to differ. Mr Wier says: "Spent longer time possibly when development is variable at first, but we can simplify in any moment the input of the machine tool, and the error with potential purify, we think this is worth very much. " what the variable that uses normally includes cutting tool is adjacent distance and deepness of the position that retreat a knife, cutting and alterable datum plane. Resemble MAG Cincinnati FTV-1050/2500 a kind new machine tool, all function that can let job shops use Edgecam software adequately (graph 2) . Because this shortened,produce time, and still lengthened process designing time and the working hours in the workshop. Among them because process designing number rose machinist to arrive,one part reason is process designing member between the responsibility sex to machining a spare parts. In new machine tool is being debugged at first and running a course, mr Wier and Mr Worzalla worked all the time at 6 o'clock from the morning everyday afternoon at 1 o'clock. Mr Wier says: "Our hope machinist people the feedback opinion that offers pair of new programs to move, these effort can make machinist more exceedingly good. " complement of Mr Van Asten says: "Make sure any investment can get better get one's own back, best method raises the intellectual level of employee namely. " graph 2 resemble MAG Cincinnati FTV-1050/2500 a kind new machine tool, all function Mr Wier that can let job shops use Edgecam software adequately has experience very much to allotting a large number of time: "The study experience about new program should be obtained in process designing process, is not to break away from a machine tool. Although wrote a new program to spend additional time, but this won't be wasted for nothing forever for a short while. Study is spare time, the knowledge that learns can be used afresh, try to change. " be improved to can obtain these and rise, no matter spent how many time, the company is very satisfactory still to its achievement. Of development and demand rise keep abreast of -- use " 100% come from position " process designing method is machinist people eliminated the phase that be slack in work, prevent main shaft to be in process designing process idling. In fact, feed rate and rate had risen 10 times. Telsmith company is mixed in treatment, process designing raised productivity respect to invest millions of dollars, because Edgecam software was used in process designing process, its biggest gain is the treatment cycle that makes its go up in old old machine tool shortens greatly, improved productivity greatly thereby (graph 3) , make of the company deliver goods the forehead raised one times, inside a few short months, the company is managing 500000 dollars, workpiece shortened on average in the treatment cycle on new machine tool 60% ~ 80% . Mr Van Asten says: "Need the workload of a week before, need one day only now, need 4h to be able to be finished only even sometimes. " graph 3 because Edgecam software was used in process designing process, job shops is in its often shortened greatly on old VMC vertical machining center treatment is periodic, improved productivity greatly thereby in addition, also gained huge success on finance affairs, the anticipation of before two new machine tools ROI time cuts down 18 months left and right sides. Original investment reclaims time is as long as 6 years, differ with present circumstance roughly 4 times. Mr Wier explanation says, this one computation included holding cost, include a machine tool not just purchase the value, still include to build foundation among them, be in G&L company move, groom, charge of etc of cutting tool configuration. Big clients also noticed this to job shops rises for these and improve makes effort. Mr Van Asten says: "To us character, this is a very huge success, can not use a language can be conveyed. When the machine tool of moving G&L company, there is the representing that comes from Caterpillar company here, all result that they obtain to us feel very amazed. " the successful end that Mr Wier acquires Telsmith company is in at its the technology is decision-making in the mainest factor of place control -- support, support, support again. Mr Worzalla says: "The achievement that Telsmith firm is increasing productivity field place to obtain is the result that we and companionate company cooperate cheek by jowl. MFGtech company (Edgecam company turns of Rockford city in Illinois city sell business) gave us with companionate company most energetically support. Compare with competitor photograph, they satisfied our requirement adequately, groom curricular arrangement is very reasonable reach the designated position. " his complement says, with the relation between companionate company so well, among them a main reason is -- their manner is from beginning to end accomplish the thing best! CNC Milling CNC Machining