Be checked daily and safeguard of PLC control system

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To guarantee a system move normally, undertaking check and be maintenanced to PLC system regularly is indispensable, and familiar minor failure is diagnosed and still must eliminate a method. 1.

Regular examination PLC is equipment of control of a kind of industry, although a lot of step were taken in dependability respect, but working environment is very big still to PLC influence. So, normally time of every half an year should make regular inspection to PLC. If the working requirement of PLC does not accord with the standard that expresses 1 regulation, be about to do processing of a few lash-up, so that make,PLC job is rolling standard environment of the regulation. 2.

Outside safeguarding PLC to output contact besides lithium battery and relay daily, do not have other basically fragile yuan of parts of an apparatus. Because deposit the random memory of user program (RAM) , tally and have the auxiliary relay that maintains a function to wait to all use lithium battery protection, the life of lithium battery about 5 years, reduce gradually when the voltage of lithium battery when amounting to certain level, voltage of the batteries on PLC main unit declines indicator light is bright. Hint the user notices, the program that place of batteries having lithium supports still can withhold a week to control, must change batteries, this is the main content that safeguards daily. Measure of exchange lithium battery: ① is being torn open before outfit, above of 15S of electrify of Ying Xianrang PLC (can make reserve as memory so the capacitor of power source charges, after lithium battery disconnects, this capacitance but team PLC makes brief power supply, do not lose in order to protect the information in RAM) ; ② disconnects the ④ of batteries cover board that the ③ of alternating current source of PLC opens main unit gets off old batteries, cover board of the batteries on lid of ⑤ of mount new battery changes batteries time wants as far as possible short, do not allow to exceed 3min commonly. If time is too long, the program in RAM will disappear. CNC Milling CNC Machining