Increase the exploration of productivity

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With low cost more apace production gives the part with good quality and product is mechanical manufacturing industry the target of indefatigable pursuit. To achieve this goal, automation, treatment of digitlization, unmanned operation, light-off, independent island, modular, wait for advanced machine tool, actor into management of set technology, typical craft, collateral project, synchronous form a complete set, project chemical art and to it the administrative pattern emerge as the times require of form a complete set, the new thinking that is these ceaseless emerge in large numbers, new pattern, new design, new technology gifted the vitality with powerful manufacturing industry, the is industry of the setting sun machinery that makes ever was weighed by many prophet is made realized micron to arrive the leap of accept rice, let new product roll out periodic twice to shorten, make production value of average per capita and profit ceaseless renovate, mechanical manufacturing industry makes rachis industry of the country truly. Change in what reshuffle of mechanical manufacturing industry combines in harships, law factor accuses with it " sincere letter is consummate " management concept, " the a bit is big " business language melt into is relied on, rise abruptly quickly, benign development. Lead steel structure the development of equipment with product technology and function, hold share of market of steel structure equipment with product breed. With outstanding talent gather, have with what large and crucial machine machines equipment, with the craft ability that optimizes ceaselessly consolidates and strengthening its the industry is gotten army position. Today's law changes production to already was in because of dimensions in carrying out, be in a series of with great quantity, large investment, great progress while, how improving productivity is compete with a person of same business, it is the key in the key that be able to live in current globalization economy and develops. To how improving productivity, a signed article of American machinist magazine says: "Because our unremitting ground works to precede in order to maintain,the success is technology. Buy new machine tool merely insufficient still. Often need to learn a kind of brand-new work way. If return an elephant to used old machine tool to use new machine tool in that way in the past, this is just like bought Lai Gengtian of benefit of a farad " . Law on business manages the construction that enlarges workshop is undertaking medium, bought new machine tool also reachs the designated position in succession in full blast, the milling machine of boring of door of numerical control dragon that has complete closed circuit among them, stand lie machining center, numerical control, number shows boring machine, the treatment quality that this improves a spare parts because of the company to the law and shorten assembled cycle to lay corporeal foundation. As the investment of accurate new machine tool, inevitable conference appears the need of pair of new software and new cutting tool, the tool that concerns with the machine tool for example, cutting tool, complementary, the configuration of measure, if fail,throw adequately to the any in these elements so will rapid block up anew the capability that the machine tool obtains the biggest productivity. When analysing manufacturing cost before, what think of above all often is personnel cost, but when production main body is had quite when manufacturing facilities of the amount, if an equipment switchs on the mobile phone rate and cutting speed short of are congener the average level above of the machine tool, to an enterprise character means huge cost loss! So optimize utilization rate of equipment and installations with period improve manufacturing efficiency, it is the main job that we must want to do. Whether to need to begin the work of the following respects to this: 1. Make full use of resource of company computer network and the ERP software that using, collect is built outside production plans module assist module of plan module, plan of the treatment inside the company, outside buy a plan norm of man-hour of module, standard, outside assist the manufacturing database of the composition such as treatment unit process capability and module of machine tool unit price. Use a database to be able to make sketchy plan, also can make accurate, the plan that refines. Use a database but normative finished cost, have a product well and truly quickly initiative or norm cost accounting. 2. Expand and raise company production and the utilization rate with information of the design that production concerns, craft, build what give priority to body in order to design with craft as soon as possible, objective, but reduplicative BOM (detailed list of demand of stock of Bill Of Material) database. BOM listed constitute male relative of a senior generation or of assembly parts all child assembly parts, component and raw material. Perfect cost accounting for core with BOM database (of this flow carry out can make every each is made or the becomes original establish end item currently cost of cooperation part, bought-in component. This cost is total stock and labor cost the sum normally, expend plus the business management of apportion) . Outside be being finished with BOM database assist treatment plans (this flow can decrease greatly outside assist the repetition that early days types is low effect workload, outside the change assist the situation that plans extensive) . Make the manufacturing management circuit that undertakes planning inquiry and storage management to wait with BOM database. The person that this flow can make allow why to there is corresponding limits of authority on the network can be in it is any time, informal to be in undertake plan and be been short of on a computer inquiry. Ground of OKer and convenient different serves the inquiry of pair of urgent important document, raise an user to serve quality, shorten user serve time. 3. After the company adds equipment newly, because Shandong law already formed the machine that shows a machine tool to give priority to by numerical control and number to machine group, this machine is machined group it is current because place promising law undertakes those who machine form a complete set outside assist the factory cannot be likened to! The meaning of numerical control machine tool is high accuracy and high rate, so this machine is machined group because the product is medium,what should machine is a law of difficult treatment, to product quality and the part that assemble efficiency to have main effect. Be opposite consequently new formation machine is machined group from personnel a lot of respect such as arrangement of make known to lower levels of configuration, plan, order, technological process undertakes mixing efficient managing in order, ability wins the tall get one's own back that investment yields. For example: Can look to machining equipment to execute board management, namely make known to lower levels weaves by demand of form a complete set, the week plan that refines a day, make machine plan hour to be in controlled condition. This kind of management but the reduces a hardware invalid retention period of utmost, accelerate crude production velocity of flow to spend namely. Can be shown completely according to number on the other hand and the fixed position precision of numerical control machine tool and repeat fixed position precision, the such as that finish is linear the treatment of slideway installing hole, reducing the repetition of nice spare parts in rigging a process cut of mobile, knock against while, the Kong Pei that reduces general assembly makes man-hour. Besides, because standard built up fixture has high accuracy and tall versatility, be aimed at the high accuracy built up fixture that numerical control machine tool uses especially, be numerical control machine tool use those who offerred outfit clip, fixed position is convenient; To stand, lie the built up fixture that machining center and boring machine of numerical control T611 provide a standard, also be the efficient way that raises accurate machine tool to machine efficiency. 4. The control of cutting finished cost is decided greatly by the accident of machine tool run time. Law because of current aircraft process capability expands to still lie start level, cannot undertake to the machine tool data of workshop operating mode is carried out automatically collect a technology, also cannot be opposite the cutting parameter of the machine tool, bide one's time time, undertake online data analysis is mixed optimize processing. (this kind of job already had as online as numerical control machine tool and computer software) the control that we reduce cutting finished cost at present can design quality of structural analysis for technological efficiency, actor to change through rising technique, because the early days such as measure of design, semifinished product, industry, cutting tool and outfit clip frequency works,decrease. Make a spare parts can use the shortest time, in order to hold clip number least, achieve blueprint to ask and enter in appropriate time assemble. To numerical control machine tool use answer more be emphasized at cutting speed optimize. This undertakes dogging continuously to the cutting of the machine tool with respect to need, suit in order to find out to because of,machine a law most the cutting speed of the product, but this is long-term and arduous, in short-term inside see the job that is less than achievement, but this is the job that increases productivity to must want to do. 5. Content shedding is one covered height the concept of daedal relation. One by a lot of petty but the whole that the flow measure that interweaves extremely importantly each other again forms. Content shedding is meant " assure correct client with true cost, the article that can arrange true measure and true condition in right time and place " . Content shedding is called the lubricant of world economy. The manufacturing organization of an enterprise is the whole that forms by a lot of flow measure likewise, this whole is a product. Be designed by craft and the flow of this product and measure are implemented. Especially the organization of mass production uses an individual impossibly authoritative, oral communicate, artificial pilot kind goes managing. Want to maintain competition ability to stop innovation, ceaseless progress with respect to otherwise, get new knowledge ceaselessly, want to retain competition ability on the thought, the job and career just are met red-blooded, prosperity develops. CNC Milling CNC Machining