Undertake contractive clamp to cutting tool, adjust and measure

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Regard high speed as the technology of cutting tool clamp of treatment, clamp of inductive type systole is an advanced technique without doubt, its application in cutting craft is being added gradually much. To much axis treatment, the problem in the past depends on needing to reach cutting tool adjustment rated length, systole of same perhaps cutting tool need comes identical length. Till two years before, used those who differ temporarily wiring assists what the method just makes to become reality with machinery adjustment. No matter was mixed in the past now, people is right contractive, adjust, measure and the desire that cooling system has assorted is very strong. The solution that those once were able to show has seen embryonic form first, but majority moves an operation according to armrest; The precision that operating and easy are measurable although the respect has actor of low quality each, but fare badly. 2002, zoller company exhibited on AMB exhibition of Situjiate Redomatic/cnc system, basically revealed distribute stock full automatic image processing and system of Venturion of pilot of 3 axes CNC. Install specific software program through adding, can regard automatic location system and induction as to heat this one system with cooling device. In this one combination, can move cutting tool length to rated numerical value, comfortable and safe, its precision can amount to ± 0.

01mm. Additional, it also does not have limitation to cutting tool type, no matter be Huo of broach, a flight of stairs,get, or milling cutter. After this, as a result of the reason of the price, zoller company rolled out Redomatic/basis system. This system is semi-automatic those who move, the dialog box that adopts guide form already and corresponding program undertake operating, is CNC control no longer. However, what what offer at other vendor relatively is simple and cheap solution, what this system did not achieve people to anticipate is cheap level. To satisfy price requirement truly, zoller company rolled out Redomatic/lc2 system again. Beyond question is, exclusive and correct solution still is Redomatic/cnc system, because its can come true completely,allow why to concern cutting tool adjustment, contractive clamp and measured will. Adjust does length have why action? Obtain length of first-rate cutting tool the staff of this NC program is special apply to the NC that repeats order to process business, can be when workpiece locates at first on the machine tool undertake optimizing. Here, be able to decide at the same time still have cutting tool data set (watch) the integral length with cutting tool and disassemble length, these machine the conform to such as the configuration of equipment with what what hope. As to follow-up order, important is its assemble time to be able to shorten, and the service deadline of the quality of workpiece and cutting tool can keep changeless however; The form that prepares cutting tool also is kind those who be the same as. Accordingly, for as far as possible will rated length the setting becomes original specification, disassemble length appears very important. The adjustment here precision is in 0.

The limits of 1mm can, and actual length can pass corrective data to try to decide accurately subsequently, transmit to the machine tool. To determine corrective numerical value, the use Youxian that adjust and measures an instrument is necessary. However, on the instrument that why should become independent in first cutting tool about cut to rated length, adjust again on other system again next this cutting tool, in order to decide corrective the length after? Completely OK rise these working procedure and some process and systematic concentration. The machining center that does not have corrective value is in the organization of new-style product line, its develop trend performance to be in, be in for memory the cutting tool in the machine tool is one-time affirmatory and corrective value. Later, follow-up order or cutting tool change to need fibrous root undertakes according to same corrective value. Generally speaking, each new cutting tool has a group of new corrective data to be sent to the machine tool to make control use, here the circumstance falls, the corrective data in moving need not undertake was changinged. This is the angle from safety sets out, because this will new cutting tool relapses,be being moved accurately to rated length is very important. Be based on this, people needs system of a Redomatic/basis at least, one is one has what what need precision at the same time, complete adjustment and the contractive system that survey equipment. Treatment of much axis of much axis treatment is popularizing application amain in. Its handling time is shorter, rotate speed is higher, cutting tool changes faster. Here, people always uses contractive lining, and its basis is bulk small, inertial quality is mixed greatly clamping force is large. But if people thought of a contractive lining and a hydraulic pressure that can compare,expand the price difference between lining, so right for the integral equipment of machine tool of a many axis, its cost is managing and complete be not a patch on system of a Redomatic/cnc. It is by 2002 before, its problem depends on needing to adjust cutting tool accurately the length that needs to place. What much axis machine tool is place of a cutting tool to handle is a corrective value merely, this numerical value applies to other axis likewise subsequently, this kind of axis can use the cutting tool of same kind. So, be aimed at this one working procedure, can have two, 3, 4 or more is the same as the type, cutting tool systole that is the same as number comes identical length. According to the view of user and market news analyst, in hopes periodic time and precision respect, only Redomatic/cnc system satisfies a requirement. The cutting tool that good technology waits for systole is moved through stopping implement go in lining of the systole that be loaded, its edge choice is had automatically by image processing system. Systematic focusing is on edge, search the biggest edge to perhaps be in the biggest edge inside this diameter limits, and beardless beforehand warm-up systole lining. A special location system (Zoller ASZA) is contracting extreme of opposite knife handle moves in lining, mention a little cutting tool. These are recorded by camera, compare real value and rating automatically; The fixed position that is located in contractive lining to go up piece by CNC control fixed position is in rated locally. Even if is those quick treatment procedures, handlers also has enough control time. Handlers takes cutting tool and adjuster, in coil automatic fixed position, contractive lining is gone to by warm-up the biggest indispensible temperature (about 250 ℃ ) later, let cutting tool fall into contractive lining. Be cooled namely when join, undertake automatically after normal cooling time controlling metrical. The precision that Zoller company assures to achieve is in ± 0.

Inside 01mm limits, most moment precision is taller. This system operation is comfortable, convenient (cycle time is 1.

15 minutes, include cooling time of 40 ~ 60s, calculate inside auxiliary time) , have nothing to do with norms of knife handle endmost, heat without contractive lining exceeding risk hidden danger, and deliver cutting tool to install an axis to go up without quantity of heat, need not undertake modulatory alternately with measure. Because this is OK and managing many financial resources and time, achieve unique high accuracy. The accuracy that auxiliary effectiveness is contracted to decide length to the forehead besides cutting tool and convenient besides the gender, like Redomatic such system still has complete function to adjust at the same time with the advantage that measures an instrument. Handle full automaticly, accurately to the image of micron class, the level that reachs its place to include is measured flow and the method that survey a plan, make the whole journey before cutting tool is installing a machine tool to go up is controlled and detect become a possibility. Machine a domain in high speed especially, undertake on knife handle or edge homocentric circumgyrate detects especially important. Other way control radius outline on profile modeling milling cutter namely, check edge or file collection, and full automatic detect cutting tool of a flight of stairs includes to tag dimension automatically, such people are adjusting instrument and measure an instrument (cutting tool of the observation on Redomatic) the bore effect on workpiece. Although so many advantage and fact are placed before us, a bit still need an attention, have only namely cutting tool cut the idea that wants length to place still needs to try further dug, all sorts of existing systems go up to undertake detecting seriously to the market before people must be being bought. CNC Milling CNC Machining