HMC makes turbine lamina improves treatment efficiency

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When ATC company is machining ministry of turbine lamina root, used the HMC290 device of Giddings&Lewis company. In the past, this working procedure needs 2 jockey to operate 3 equipment, need a jockey to operate only nowadays an equipment is achievable full treatment process, and need not the precision that grinding treatment can achieve the past to be able to apply grinding craft ability to achieve only, manufacturing efficiency rises greatly. The pull current Cheng that makes to the place a few years ago gives reappraise, often can make a much better process, reduce manufacturing cost effectively thereby, shorten greatly production is periodic, raise a product to machine quality. Had technology of new machine tool tool, the treatment course that needs much stage machine tool to finish before is OK finish independently by a machine tool. For instance, company of advanced turbine component (abbreviation ATC company) in accurate treatment turbine curve taper turns round blade root ministry when, replaced a group of device that use before with a new horizontal machining center (3) , make production periodic thereby shortened 50% , at the same time big political integrity made an appointment with manpower resource. ATC company purchased equipment of a HMC290 from Giddings&Lewis company, use at machining ministry of turbine lamina root. 2 jockey need to operate previously 3 equipment, need a jockey to operate only nowadays these 1 equipment are with respect to process of achievable full treatment on HMC290 equipment complete a work, need not the precision that grinding treatment can achieve the past only through grinding craft ability. The geometrical form of ministry of turbine lamina root is more complex, make with titanium and stainless steel material commonly. Should use large " christmas tree " when figuration milling cutter undertakes to it outline is machined, below the low speed circumstance that is 60 ~ 80r/min only in main shaft rotate speed, turn to make sure cutting tool won't stop, requirement machine tool must can offer additional torque. The base cast wall of HMC machine tool is larger, and interior has many reinforcement, because this has outstanding oscillatory damp character. Of machine tool pillar strengthen board improved a machine tool fight twist, fight oscillatory function, prolonged the service life of the machine tool at the same time. Of the machine tool press accurate temper by dipping in water to grind needle roller slideway to be able to bear beforehand bigger load. The tigidity with better machine tool and slideway run smooth character, the two-way precision that assured a machine tool can be achieved 0.

007mm, two-way repeat precision to be able to be achieved 0.

004mm. A large number of experiments of the factory prove, HMC290 machine tool can bear " christmas tree " the power that figuration milling cutter produces in machining a process. The control of HMC290 machine tool used system of Sinumerik840D numerical control partly, the speed of this system and performance are very excellent, make the course that producing part of tall outline precision medium, process designing ability gets rising. System of Sinumerik840D numerical control wants than the controller previously a lot of faster. Because be to be based on the computer to control, use it is easier to rise, shortened at the same time numerical control process designing implement interface time. If use much stage machine tool, the need when rough machining and finish machining secures the spare parts on different machine tool, this asks the clamping apparatus on two machine tools wants to match each other, be opposite accurately if neat; has rough machining and precision work on same table equipment, because all cutting movements are complete consistent, can simplify greatly treatment process, the time that at the same time cut setting needs and charge. ATC company uses figuration milling cutter to assure the correlation between the 6 bearing face all round blade root ministry, the total error between each other allows these 6 datum plane the value is 0.

013mm. The treatment facilities before ATC company includes 2 HMC that have 30 years of histories the machine tool mixes 1 slow fast feed grinder. Every HMC machine tool is right a side of cast of ministry of turbine lamina root undertakes rough machining, stay have 0.

05 ~ 0.

The surplus of 064mm, be in again next slow precision work is completed on fast feed grinder. And use HMC290 machine tool, achievable the root ministry treatment of all turbine lamina, need not undertake grinding is machined. Treatment of ministry of turbine lamina root has two main problems: Can repeat of the tigidity of the machine tool and reference axis degree. Nowadays, ATC company is mixed in precision can repeat degree of problem that go up to had been solved. Finish whole treatment process to need a jockey to be on machine tool of a HMC290 only undertake, manufacturing efficiency rises apparently -- with before need 2 jockey to operate 3 equipment photograph to compare, rate became rapid 20% , manufacturing cycle also shortened 50% , flotsam decreased 95% , machine down time also shortened 90% . CNC Milling CNC Machining