Appearance precision achieves the modular machine tool of accept rice level

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Miniature changes treatment and industry of superprecision machine tool is although not quite but very careful industry. Be in Germany, about Home 5~6 company can offer this kind to achieve the tall nicety machine tool of accept rice class in respect of figuration precision and exterior quality. According to be located in the Kugler of Salem Lothar Kugler of general manager of shareholder of finite liability company estimates, be in Germany, miniature is changed and exceed accurate machine tool to be 15 million euro about by size of value calculative market. In the process that strives for a client, foreign competitor, especially American manufacturer people the role with be being acted very important. Kugler is in the say when discussing its matter: "Tell from traditional sense, american manufacturer is in exceed accurate cutting to machine a respect to want to precede one pace, because be the machine that they developed this kind of high-tech in martial technology, their hereinto had a lot of investment and undertake developing the work ceaselessly. " production manufacturer of Germany people the applied side in martial technology is too conservative, missed the opportunity that conforms in diamond turning and milling respect and advanced technique accordingly. But he thinks, this does not involve miniature to turn treatment. "I think, in this respect, we should compare American company advanced much. Japanese enterprise also is the competitor that we ought to treat seriously. " Lothar Kugler of general manager of shareholder of company of Kugler finite liability says: "The modular machine tool that can have cutting treatment and laser beam machining is the trend of development. " when the problem that speaks of increase rate respect, kugler thinks: "While the product that can be changed with miniature and exceeds treatment of accurate machine tool increases with the increase rate of two digit, the increase rate of the machine tool is one digit however. " the viewpoint according to him, because this Central Plains depends on a few problems that did not solve. "For example, if be involved,should undertake the milling cutter of a 30mm can repetition the ground holds clip, have the word of very tall homocentric sex precision at the same time, so right the requirement is at present exorbitant for spendable main shaft. " another problem is the problem that main shaft warms up, this problem is returned at present cannot according to use so called " Na Mixi knife " the demand that has superprecision undertakes controlling. Of the institute of Frauenhof production technology of Aachen exceed Christian Wenzel of group leader of group of accurate machine tool to also think: "Thermal stability problem is one of the most difficult tasks. " he is the requirement end to superprecision machine tool the following: "Locate and repeat precision particularly high, the mutual position precision of very tall axis and decrease very well brace up function. " the standard equipment that because this is static,hydraulic pressure or the aeriform static power that increase prestressing force direct device is to cannot abandon, or wait a moment according to applying a circumstance to use linear motor. The whirl that contains torsion electromotor - the runner shaft coming back that pendulous device has a 360 ° and a ± of 100 ° swing the appearance that the axis can achieve 4 ~ 5nm is bright and clean the cutting cutting tool that spends diamond of almost all in treatment use monocrystal. The advantage of material of this kind of cutting is his hardness is particularly tall, and can produce a cutting blade that has atomic condition acutance. Have only in inferior the cutting blade acutance of micron limits, what just can make those who issue bright to learn quality have rice of a few accept only is bright and clean spend the surface. Wenzel says: "Using a very good harmonious system is OK the appearance that achieves 4 ~ 5nm is bright and clean spend. " appearance precision depends on the exterior form that wants production work. He says: "The appearance precision of planar treatment is 100nm ~ 100mm about between. " Wenzel says: "Use superprecision main to make optical lens group directly, if contact lens and laser lens group to wait, or to make Injection Mold Tooling. Be opposite generally plastic undertake with nonferrous metal material cutting is machined, wait like brass, copper, aluminous, nickel. " those who make superprecision manufacturer regretful is, because diamond and carbon are having very tall endophilicity, accordingly it cannot be used at processing rolled steel. Kugler say: "At present this is impossible. Of course, researcher is beginning to solve this problem. For example, use diamond cutting tool undertakes the rolled steel of ultrasonic support is machined. " still using at present replace a technique, wait like abrade, laser beam machining or rolled steel coating. TDM - 1150 model it is OK to exceed accurate lathe to the diameter most greatly 300mm, length most greatly the figuration roller canister that dimension of structure of 1500mm, crystal is 3 ~ 200mm undertakes the structure machines modular machine tool is development the technique that trend laser beam machining can regard independence as is used, also can use with abrade union, planish with laser below this kind of circumstance workpiece apparently grind grain. According to Kugler estimation, the modular machine tool that can have cutting treatment and laser beam machining is the trend of development. When miniature turns treatment, of workpiece and cutting tool assemble and unassemble carry can implement automation, what differ with this is, of superprecision machine tool assemble and unassemble carry or work artificially. Predict this are remedying solve, kugler says: "We are cooperating with manufacturing technology institute, try to use a robot to be able to repeat the ground automatically to change the cutting tool that the diameter is micron limits. " the diameter of the smallest cutting tool that uses at present is under 30mm. The tenet of other research project depends on enhancing the competitive ability of German manufacturer. For example, group of a task is in " miniature structure " the machine tool that one is developing to undertake superprecision to roller canister inside the frame of the project. Want to machine a diameter to be 500~2000mm for 200~600mm, length, crystal structure dimension is the roller canister of 5~150mm. The machine tool needs to provide the measurement unit of diamond cutting tool of tall precision, so that implement automation,change cutting tool. This project carries out the Michael Petzold of unit Karlsruhe research center to say: "This project progress is very rapid, can have been made and the experiment is revealed model machine. " Kugler has listed in his catalogue item went up lathe of canister of a kind of roller: TDM - 1150 model exceed accurate lathe, can be opposite diameter most greatly 300mm, length most greatly the roller canister that dimension of structure of 1500mm, crystal is 3~200mm undertakes the structure is machined. The newest product that develops a panel is requirement of a can contented superprecision is small-sized rotate - pendulous device, this device contains the tall torsion motor that can produce high kinetic energy. "I think, we are the manufacturer that the only on the world can offer this kind of product. We are the manufacturer that the only on the world can offer this kind of product.. CNC Milling CNC Machining