A kind of system that cuts cost -- SecoPoint

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"Have cutting tool government through using SecoPoint, we had cut the cutting tool cost of 15% . " Verbruggen N.


Stephan Van Dun of company owner, general manager says. In the past, 50 staff of company want a flower medium to arrive two days every week the check the amount, inventory that records cutting tool. Through using SecoPoint, time has shortened for every week a hour. The company plans to buy the SmartDrawer product of system of a SecoPoint additionally now. Verbruggen N.


The company is dedicated at the design, make and the sale is used at producing ply to come in 20 µm between 70 Mm the mould of plastic film. This is go out through squeezing shape, plastic raw material passes narrow finished product gets after seamed extruding. Plastic film applicable is saved at food till the liner that regards keep in storage of caustic chemical material as container. The width of plastic film can be to 7000 Mm from 100 Mm the random between is worth. Pressing a standard is by the basis heart GB allows Werkstoff Nr.


2311, 1.

2312 with 1.

2738 (belongs to hill expensive stuff the 5th go to 6 groups) tool steel and 1 what be close to double photograph stainless steel.

Expensive stuff of 2316 (hill the 10th group) make. After milling of crowded by giving a model, grinding and polish, undertake plating chromium is handled inside the factory that is in him company. This one process has very firm demand apparently to precision and public errand. Verbruggen N.


The company is the world the company that goes up to be able to produce this sort product a few times rarely. The SmartDrawer that buys before in a year many is proved to be a successful investment. Because cutting tool inventory is well-ordered, through reducing its tool stocks, verbruggen N.


The company had cut the cost of 15% . Weekly and special flower reachs stock of two Tian Laiqing dot, noteses before the Salva Sciacca of responsible SecoPoint. Had decreased to restrict a hour every week now. SecoPoint management wears 100 kinds to come from the cutting tool with tall hill and 80 kinds of cutting tool of other manufacturer nowadays. When when the cabinet medium inventory level is worth under the floor level of set, the system sends E-mail to two contacts of the company. SecoPoint has been Verbruggen N.


Reduce government workload, reduce cutting tool use up, the examination that avoids to misunderstand and maintain pair of inventory levels. The shortage phenomenon of cutting tool now already not answer exist. "We plan to buy a SmartDrawer again, " manufacturing manager Jef De Schutter says. "This one will be used at depositing all polish tool of the company. "     " use SecoPoint is very beneficial to us, " Jef De Schutter says or state with certainty. The company has 15 jockey to attributive uses SmartDrawer about now. Someone else also will have authority to visit this system. CNC Milling CNC Machining