The treatment of deep aperture (below)

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7, the honing of deep aperture (parameter of fluid of head of principle, characteristic, honing, honing, craft, actuating pressure, annulus type honing) honing is in low cutting rate falls, undertake to workpiece surface light rectifies the method of treatment, it is a kind of of grinding special form, also be a kind of more efficient machining craft. It can raise work measure and geometrical appearance precision to reach reduce workpiece surface surface roughness, and extensive at inside the smooth full treatment of aperture. 1, the working principle that honing machines, it is to be below certain and mechanical action, honing (annulus) fall with the opposite movement condition of workpiece, undertake low speed grinding to workpiece surface. 2, the characteristic that honing machines: Treatment precision is tall, the circularity after honing can be amounted to 0.

0005 ~ 0.

005mm, dimension precision can be amounted to 0.

005 ~ 0.

025mm, exterior surface roughness can amount to Ra0.

4 ~ 0.

05 μ M, and without burn, embed arenaceous with crackle; Honing basically is used at machining aperture, apply to treatment to grow diameter comparing to be more than the deep aperture of 10, still can apply to other form cutting (spherical, planar, outside the) such as the circle. The diameter of honing aperture is Φ 1200mm of 1 ~ Φ , length can amount to 12000mm. Almost all material all can undertake honing; The exterior grain after honing, be helpful for the formation of oily film, and make work service life grows; Honing is low to the precision requirement of the machine tool, worker labor intensity is low, applicably general accuracy machine tool (car, mill, boring, drilling machine) the aperture that machines high accuracy. Honing oilstone 3, honing oilstone (annulus) choice: Honing oilstone (or annulus) choice, it is the exterior quality according to workpiece material and workpiece should ask, the character that will choose them (abrasive, granuality, hardness and bond) . 1) , abrasive: When honing carbon steel, alloy steel, choose Bai Gangyu (WA) ; When steel of honing stainless steel, bearing, high-speed steel, choose single crystal corundum (SA) or chromic corundum (PA) ; When alloy of honing stainless steel, high strenth steel, high temperature, refractory steel, choose cubic nitrogen to change boron (CBN) : Honing is hard when fragile material, choose carbide abrasive (GC, C, BC, D) . 2) , granuality: The granuality of abrasive is the demand according to workpiece surface surface roughness will choose. Ra0.

8 μ M is 120# ~ 150# ; Ra0.

4 μ M is 150# ~ 240 # ; Ra0.

2 μ M is 240# ~ W40; Ra0.

1 μ M is W40 ~ W20; Ra < 0.

05 μ M is < W20. 3) , bond: When type and honing of big diameter aperture, choose bond of pottery and porcelain commonly (V) and colophony bond (outside B) , still use bronze bond (QT) , alveolus diameter honing also use B and QT bond more. Honing annulus uses colophony bond commonly. 4) , hardness: Below same condition, the hardness that the hardness of honing oilstone should compare emery wheel is a few lower, in order to make sure oilstone is in honing process is good from acute sex. The hardness of common oilstone is in J ~ P(is soft hard 1) is chosen in 3 ~ , the hardness that diamond and cubic nitrogen change boracic oilstone in the ~ in M ~ S(hard 1) is chosen. Anyhow, honing oilstone (annulus) the hardness of hardness and workpiece material is concerned. The hardness that also is workpiece material namely is tall, the hardness of oilstone should low. 5) , chroma: Only diamond and cubic nitrogen change what boron is abrasive to grind chroma of the regulation that have ability. It is the weight that diamond or cubic nitrogen contain to change boracic abrasive in pointing to 1cm³ bulk (carat) . The chroma of commonly used oilstone is 150 % (6.

6 carat / Cm³) , 100 % (4.

4 carat / Cm³) , 75 % (3.

3 carat / Cm³) , with 50 % (2.

2 carat / Cm³) 4 kinds. It also is concerned with the hardness of workpiece material and abrasive granuality, the workpiece stuff with expensive hardness and abrasive granuality are thick, also choose high concentration; Conversely, choose low density. Length of 6) , oilstone grinds round of diameter with the top gem: Honing oilstone length is commonly 1.

5 times aperture; Honing annulus diameter is Φ commonly 120mm of 50 ~ Φ . 4, honing head: Head of deep aperture honing has the following kinds, if pursue 20 ~ 21. The configuration of honing head, have a lot of planting according to different need, if have opening of step of Konghe of honing alveolus, large hole, taper hole, blind. From outspread force cent has constant pressure, the hand moves dilate. 5, honing fluid: Honing steel or cast-iron when, use 80 % kerosene + the machinery of 20 % is oily; Honing bronze, aluminous, use kerosene. 6, honing craft parameter: 28m/min of ~ of circumferential speed Vc=15, 20m/min of ~ of Va=10 of speed of move back and forth, ~ of =30º of alternate horn Θ 45º , if pursue 22, 35m/min of ~ of resultant velocity Ve=20. The computation of alternate horn: Vc=Vecos Θ / 2(m/min)Va=Vesin Θ / the actuating pressure when 2(m/min)7, honing: It is commonly 0.

1 ~ 0.

8MPa, small cost is taken when top gem of essence of life. 8, honing surplus: And kind for 2ap=0.

05 ~ 0.

1mm, or the 2 ~ of total error of the working procedure before taking 2.

5 times. When adding section chief to spend bigger oil cylinder now, usable seamless steel tube, do not pass cutting, use rigid honing head, direct honing treatment gives oil cylinder. 9, annulus type honing: Annulus type honing also is one of methods that to workpiece the surface has one kind light makes treatment. Its principle and essence are the honing that uses fine granuality abrasive annulus, below floating condition, undertake low speed grinding to workpiece surface. Annulus type honing can use sheet annulus, double round or many rounds form. The workpiece axes that honing annulus installs becomes 25º ~ in dimensional photograph 35º , if pursue,23 ~ are shown 25 times. Annulus the material that type honing pledges at different hardness, material applicably, demand of surface roughness of surface of work of the process before be opposite is not high, can achieve Ra0.

The exterior surface roughness of 05 μ M. Work below float condition as a result of it, the appearance precision of unalterable workpiece. It is applied to outside round, inside aperture, planar, the light of deep aperture of more applicable big aperture makes treatment. 1) , annulus the craft parameter of type honing: Surplus: 2ap=0.

05 ~ 0.

1mm; Workpiece (or honing wheelhead) speed: Vc=50 ~ 80m/min; Feed: F=0.

2 ~ 1mm/r; Contact pressure: 100, 200N. 2) , honing annulus chooses characteristicly: Consult a type honing, but its bond uses colophony bond commonly. Fluid of 3) , honing: When thick top gem, can cheer acid, use kerosene commonly 90 % of 80 % ~ + 10# machinery is oily 20 % of 10 % ~ . The nap of 4) , honing annulus: Can use man-made to get together brilliant diamond (turning of PCD) cutting tool, make round coaxial of inside and outside and appearance approach working state; In nap of the proper motion in honing process its appearance. 5) , honing annulus makes: Layer of honing annulus job by abrasive 70 % , epoxy resin 20 % , second 2 amine 7 % , adjacent benzene 2 formic acid 3 % comprise 2 fourth ester. Pouring before heat epoxy resin to 70 ~ with container first 80 ℃ , heat abrasive to 60 ℃ left and right sides, be together mix is even, again other two kinds enter agitate even, heat again 80 ℃ of 70 ~ , do not stop ground agitate, after 3min can pouring in the model, if the graph is shown 26 times, the model gives after waiting for solidify to cool, nap hind can be used. 8, one of methods that the extruding extruding treatment of deep aperture is alveolus surface finishing and aggrandizement, it can get the precision of IT5 ~ IT6 and Ra1.

6 ~ 0.

The exterior surface roughness of 21 μ M, and simple to tool requirement, low also to the precision requirement of the machine tool. It agrees with 2 ~ of bore diameter Φ the aperture of Φ 50mm, and treatment efficiency is very tall also. Its characteristic is surface layer of finishing dimension, crowded smooth surface, aggrandizement. 1, extruding component: The appearance of extruding component is shown 27 times like the graph. It is by the tool steel, alloy tool steel, high-speed steel and hard alloy are made. The hardness after before 3 kinds of material quench achieves HRC60 ~ 66, the exterior surface roughness after treatment should be less than Ra0.

05 μ M. When be being used most what often use is A, D, e3 is planted. ˊ of α of the cone angle after α of its inner cone horn is mixed =4º ~ 5º ; Arris bandwidth spends B=1.

5 ~ 2mm, also can use B = 1/13d+0.

The formulary computation of 3 (D is bore diameter) ; The interference of D+ of aperture of ball diameter D= of globose extruding head. 2, extruding interference: Extruding head diameter is more than the quantity of workpiece aperture to be interference. Interference is small, rehabilitated meeting generation cannot iron to pull wool and scratch entirely after aperture squashs. The wall of its size and workpiece material, aperture and aperture is large about, have kind for 0.

05 ~ 0.

1mm. Bore diameter is small, when hole wall is thin, take small cost. 3, extruding means: The length of aperture is shorter and when bore diameter is big, use elbow, use conversely pull crowded. Pull it is OK still to squeeze undertake on broaching machine. 4, extruding speed: When workpiece is plasticity material, vc=2 ~ 5m/min, when be brittleness material (be like cast-iron, brass) , vc=5 ~ 7m/min. 5, extruding lubricant: When workpiece is plasticity material, for butter or MoS2 ointment or mechanical oil + black lead; When workpiece is brittleness material, with mechanical oil + soya-bean oil; When extruding is aluminous, with latex of tall pH indicator; When iron of crowded Die Casting, with kerosene. Among them mechanical oil + black lead effect is best. Drilling machine of numerical control of treatment deep aperture 9, last word: Machine deep aperture, it is machining is more difficult and sophisticated treatment, answer in the each link of treatment so rigorous treat, cannot ignore. Should be known only and master the each link that machines a condition, with respect to the goal that can achieve forecast. CNC Milling CNC Machining