Is winter humidifier used what note is there?

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Winter climate is dry, plus indoor opening air conditioning, central heating, often cannot open a window ventilated, a lot of people appear guttural and unwell, skin doing, breath is not smooth wait for a state. Right now, a lot of families can use humidifier to alleviate indoor and dry air, let skin fill incidentally filling water. Nevertheless, do you know, humidifier can alleviate dry, but the fault can affect health with humidifier. Before using, clean and indoor humidifier is used proper, can better alleviate indoor and dry wait for a circumstance. So, suggest everybody uses humidifier scientificly, before we are being used, want clean house above all. Want to undertake complete cleanness to the room, cleared furniture, bed is tasted, ground dirt. If indoor dirt is too much, once use humidifier, after humidity of the air inside the room increases, adherent the bacteria on dirt is in wet environment with respect to can fast breed, increase the amount of the bacteria inside the room. The window opens when room decided at the higher level but not officially announced ventilated and additional, must notice the window is ventilated when use humidifier take a breath, let indoor air be able to update. Adjust humidity according to room temperature when we are using humidifier, want to adjust humidity according to room temperature. To human body, not be air humidity had jumped over higher, ordinary air humidity exceeds 50 % or 60 % , can produce a harm to human body. Usually, room temperature when 25 ℃ , environmental relative humidity should be controlled in 40 % - 50 % are advisable; Room temperature when 18 ℃ , environmental relative humidity should be controlled in 30 % - 40 % are advisable. Humidity is too low, short of adds wet effect; Humidity can make human body respiratory system and mucous membrane generation high unwell too. When using humidifier so, if do not have function of automatic constant temperature, can oneself buy hygroscopic, adjust better thereby air humidity. Humidifier does not use tap water in addition, use humidifier had better use clean water, do not add tap water toward humidifier. Because tap water contains calcium and magnesium to wait, can bring about white powder to arise, pollute the air in the room, cause possibly still asthmatic, bronchitic wait for a disease. Careful with antiseptic humidifier at present, people pays attention to healthy problem quite, and the person enrages the antiseptic humidifier that making work on market taller. This kind takes the humidifier of antiseptic function, because its contained certain and chemical material,be normally. In the process of the bacterium in eliminate air, these liquid medicine can arrive through humidifier eject in air, bring harm easily to human body. So, proceed with of proposal user discretion. Accordingly, unless be specific place for example hospital, or be there is the patient that has certain contagion in the home, average household need not use antiseptic humidifier painstakingly. CNC Milling CNC Machining