Han Chuan machine tool is modular design task tackled key problem a few days ago successful

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The country that finite liability company assumes machine tool of Shaanxi Han Chuan 863 plans " the technology of technology of numerical control key and equipment industrialization that prop up and application " in special subject " CNC Milling and machining center structure are modular the technology studies " the task tackled key problem a few days ago successful. This task passes pair of CNC Milling and structure of machining center lead plane to undertake modular series research, make the component of fundamental component, main shaft component, control unit, drive, component that prop up, detect the component all accomplished independent design to make with form a complete set. Library of ministry of district of the main shaft group of the machine tool, gas, knife, cooling gasoline tank, main shaft is loose bits of knife air cylinder, platoon implement, shield use these tackling key problem after achievement, make new product develops speed and successful rate to rise considerably, production cycle shortens greatly. This company develops slideway of library of revolving stage of main shaft of successful high speed, report main shaft, report, knife, air cylinder, high speed to discharge bits shield, automatically early or late implement wait for more than 10 kinds of machine tools general function component, apply successfully at the product such as numerical control mill, machining center, outside removing form a complete set of contented our product, still can have form a complete set for other manufacturer. CNC Milling CNC Machining