The turning that is aimed at component of medical apparatus and instruments improves a technology

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Global limits is to the demand of component of accurate medical treatment in constant growth, reach dentistry to plastic surgery especially the demand of embedded content. Population is aged produced certain effect to this; Human life is longer, more to the demand of medical treatment component. Subsequently and those who come is the competition in domain of this high end. The supplier that shares this trade needs to be able to finish the efficient, high accuracy of pair of difficult treatment material to machine not just, still need capable to provide the innovation prototype of new product, get used to rapid product change, undertake small lot is produced. Process so costly difficult treatment data, and date of delivery is very short, force a supplier to must reduce its to err greatly rate. Want to carry competition ability and yield in this professional domain, must one pace reachs the designated position. Switzerland has manufacturer of component of a dentistry when making small part, bit constant because of collapse blade or cutting blade damaged premature invalidation, and also cannot predict invalidation time effectively. The mean life of cutting blade is to machine 90 spare partses, but number of spare parts of treatment of bit cutting blade differs too big, so that this " mean life " become in actual production be without a meaning. So, when carrying out this working procedure, whether does attention of need operator hour die blade. Fortunately we learned a good news now: The fast and high grade treatment that is medical treatment product designs the cutting tool of research and development technically, had come out. The razor blade of 5 horn Xiang Yu the Conqueror that this plan is coating of Yi Sika PVD (PENTACUT) . Its razor blade comes through bolt clamp arbor, tall rigid clip is held, make every cutting blade machines work number to be primary cutting tool 2 times much, achieved 250, and be machined the surface is bright and clean degree taller. The invalidation process of bit cutting blade is gently, and it is the normal cutting blade that can foreknow wears away, if appear to be dropped by treatment surface quality, also can judge instantly. This is meant when carrying out this working procedure, can realize unmanned value to defend. Ameliorative key, come from the tall rigid clip at bit to hold make bit altitude location. Choose appropriate cutting tool, replace original cutting tool directly even, can make machine efficiency or cutting blade life to turn over times, the control that cut bits is much better, remove treatment thin wall or when difficult grooving spare parts be out of shape problem. 3 general character are in the treatment of medical treatment component, metallic stuff is met by purify one most, this also is to have average of turning of medical treatment component constant uncared-for respect. Although component is likely very small, metallic purify ratio is relative however more. No matter be,go up in little turning machining center, the turning of component of medical apparatus and instruments often is meant expect from sincere club treatment gives axes of all sorts of a flight of stairs kind spare parts. The weight that machines component is far be less than semifinished product. The additional altogether of turning of component of medical apparatus and instruments is the same as a dot, depend on often be being machined hard by treatment material. Basically be hard steel of alloy of the tall alloy of agglutinant stainless steel, nickel radical, long titanium that cut bits, high temperature alloy, temper by dipping in water to wait. Because be when material of component of choice medical treatment, what often need first consideration is biology consistence, be able to bear or endure corrode sex, high strenth, is not the machining function of material. The geometrical appearance of workpiece also raised the challenge sex of treatment. Machine thin wall pipe fitting, machining aluminium of a few atypical especially when component of qualitative medical apparatus and instruments, if cutting blade is insufficient sharp, liability of spare parts metabolic is very big. A lot of workpiece are unsymmetrical, complex curve goes against firm outfit clip. This with respect to demand cutting force as far as possible small, assure to workpiece avoids to be out of shape when cutting. Especially the workpiece stuff with a few older systole, need adjusts rotate speed in order to achieve appropriate cutting rate. How does small norms cutting tool do? Fortunately, apply at the high grade cutting tool of difficult treatment material, extended small norms standard items, produce demand in order to satisfy the lot of component of medical apparatus and instruments. Advanced coating reduced attrition, heat in metal cutting and microcosmic stress, and these abrupt invalidation that bring about cutting blade possibly. Improvement alloy brand is more reliable when material of cutting difficult treatment, can undertake interrupted cutting even. More the cooling fluid passageway of the chamfer breaking bits of high strenth and perforative cutter hub promoted the control that cut bits and platoon bits property, reduced deep aperture to add man-hour to cut bits to destroy the phenomenon that already machined the surface. More reliable clip holds a system to make bit maintains at fixed position chamfer, because bit is locating groovy change moves groovy small vibration,eliminated. Technology of bundle of demon coating aftertreatment (SUMO TEC) , make bit coating surface slicker, restrained 3 crucial essential factor that produce negative effect to bit life accordingly: Attrition, heat in metal cutting, concentration stress. At that time, this technology applies on finite mill razor blade and car razor blade only. Spot experience makes clear, contrasting adequately after productivity and cutting blade life, bundle demon technology can make productivity rises on average 35% . Thenceforth rises, yi Sika will bundle demon technology uses the bit with wider range stage by stage, also include to machine the small cutting tool of embedded content and false body. And undertaking slightness thread machining (for instance medical bolt of titanium alloy bone) when, use name for " Whirling " much cutting blade thread machining cutting tool, can be in workpiece does not finish treatment job below metabolic circumstance. Much cutting blade thread machining cutting tool, distributing symmetrically, cutting force is more balanced, and use cutting tool of odd cutting blade to cannot be accomplished. Milling " arena " inside in aperture turning, the control that cut bits and platoon bits are long-standing problem, machine especially agglutinant, when the long stuff that cut bits. The knife of grooving of whole set of Yi Sika MINCUT of via of the refrigeration inside the belt, alleviated afore-mentioned problems. The tall rigid clip on arbor held a system to prolong cutting blade life, rose to machine the security of the process. Diameter of the smallest treatment is aperture inside 8mm, in grooving, clear root, and the stability in the thread machining of the aperture inside exceeding operational depth, treatment opening slot has carried out a proof too. The deepness of the biggest cutting that MINCUT uses at end panel grooving is 5.

5mm. Similar improvement also reflects the milling in embedded content " arena " . Recently, when the man-made knee joint that processing cobalt of a kind of belt, chromic data, yi Sika is special the milling cutter that takes 8 cutting blade, make machined cycle to shorten 40% above. Brief summary: Clearly, component of medical apparatus and instruments machines course of study to have the growth perspective that can foreknow. As similar as manufacturing industry of other high end, this domain will maintain high demand, compete also will intense with each passing day. Advanced cutting tool, apply morely now at the treatment of small norms spare parts, can make productivity and gain ability great have different; Can come true through be being replaced simply. CNC Milling CNC Machining