The safety of SICK defends equipment applies at opportunity of great ability treatment

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Be in Germany the lead firm that the Elumatec company of mid Muhlacker small towns is machinery of great ability treatment and systematic conformity, the treatment engine that this company place produces can be aimed at the material such as plastic, aluminous material and thin profiled bar to undertake machining; Among them one model in the opportunity of great ability treatment of SBZ131 series, full automatic bore and cut are the product characteristic of this series model, in its when treatment opportunity set so called alternant mode falls when, can produce highest efficiency. This treatment facilities can operate personnel operation by, there are two groups of workstations that have tower of 8 groups of knives on machine stage, the knife tower inside this area is below the status that suspends movement, operation personnel can put raw good material at the same time OK also take out the finished product after treatment. When treatment opportunity with full automatic when mode runs, the rate with great floating ability is as high as every second 1 meter, such speed will constitute hazard to operating personnel. Accordingly, indispensible installation safety defends equipment handles the security of personnel with safeguarding. In this case, the motive that SICK offers to use the safe sensor of two kinds of different type to defend in order to achieve security at the same time, effective economic use space and the convenience sex that operates mechanical facility considering what operate personnel. Have a problem: Need in limited space installation safety defends equipment, operate the convenience sex of mechanical equipment considering what operate personnel. Solution: The double safety that the security that SICK uses to differ in opportunity of great ability treatment defends sensor obtains personnel and facility defends, ensure operation area does not have any block up and promoted work efficiency considerably. Be based on Elumatec company to fall with safety and the consideration that operate convenience sex, SICK suggests to use sensor of safety of two groups of V300 vision to add on two groups of M4000 much smoother axis safe light act as first-rate solution. Act of axis of M4000 much light safe light parts the working area of monitoring machine ahead, if anybody enters its work zone time, the machine will quit movement. Sensor of V300 safety vision, replace what what use before to defend desk board. When falling for alternant mode in treatment opportunity set, workstation cent becomes two area, the workstation that photograph adjacent moves when such mechanism can prevent the member that work to run in the machine and will not too the treatment cutting tool in standing by movement. Additional, during machinery is run, the fragment of cutting may splatter inside sensor area, because sensor of V300 safety vision has the smallest be measured the mechanism design of content, can be when video analysis fractional oversight, and have effect to reflexing joint strip only, because this proves this,be solution of a first-rate. Reflection joint strip is stuck in M4000 the reverse side of crust of act of much smoother axis safe light. The client's benefit: Beardless any rigid structures can achieve intelligence model although be below harsh environment,mechanical place of safety defends Yi Ke shows high reliability defend function (cutting splatters oilily) sensor of V300 safety vision can out and out conformity comes the installation with existing simple mechanical design, let WernerKlugeGmbH company realize terminal client to detecting equipment is in the requirement on the space; And other program are not too costly namely cannot direct conformity at printing machine. In addition, it is no matter 100 percent the monitoring of full-time or it is machinery is run detect mediumly, the visual perception that SICK place puts forward measures a solution to be able to accord with the client's demand and application. What essence of InspectorI40 of SICK vision sensor allows is video the attaint that gives ball bearing than can detecting beforehand to ensuring, reduced printing machine effectively stop opportunity risk and promotion to use efficiency, be opposite no matter WernerKlugeGmbH company or be pressworking is first-rate solution the factory. CNC Milling CNC Machining