Oily mist depart realizes green treatment

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An enterprise that bears the blame to employee to the society must take health of environmental protection, employee and safety seriously extremely. Feisituo all the time since the software that improves yard place ceaselessly and hardware condition, provide reliable safeguard for health of environmental protection, employee and safety. Headquarters is located in Feisituo German dust Si Lingen, it is an independent household company. The business that this company is in China only then 1985, the pneumatic that offers factory automation and process automation for Chinese market and dynamoelectric technology reach comprehensive solution, main service at car, tire (rubber-plastic) , food drink, flat and solar energy, electron, light-duty assemble, the industry such as sewage disposal and biology technology. Installation is in in the 3nine Lina on the machine while business domain gains a success ceaselessly, feisituo devotes oneself to environmental protection all the time, ceaseless effort provides the working environment of safe health for employee. Go for carry out liability of this one company, feisituo pneumatic limited company made massive effort, what be worth to be carried especially is Mr Andreas Menrad's responsible 3nine oil mist segregator project. Pneumatic limited company established Feisituo 2011 the project group that by Technical Division, production the engineer of branch and EHS branch reachs an expert one to comprise, begin to explore the different system that is used at oily mist depart. By October 2011, project group begins to refer question of oily mist depart to 3nineAB, decide to check segregator of use 3nine oily mist in the company after communicating communication for many times. The installation of oily mist segregator that is used at the test at first is on CNC machine tool, this kind of machine tool uses oil to serve as cooling fluid, the meeting when high speed runs produces a large number of oily mist. The test makes this project member preliminary as a result understood which are planted in the installation on different type machine tool appropriate oily mist segregator, discover segregator of 3nine oily mist can depart thoroughly the oily mist that the machine tool leaves the generation when movement in high speed and high-pressured circumstance. In addition, segregator of 3nine oily mist still has the advantage that maintains efficiently, easily. After the test is passed smoothly, 3nine was received come from Feisituo the order of the segregator of 17 oily mist of pneumatic limited company. A few weeks in, 3nine reachs the designated position installation of segregator of these 17 oily mist, groom the employee of pneumatic limited company undertakes Feisituo own setup is used. Before long, pneumatic limited company decides Feisituo to install segregator of 3nine oily mist on all machine tools inside the workshop, ordered from 3nine add up to segregator of 66 oily mist. After investment of oily mist segregator is used, these improved workshop air quality greatly not only, and also need a machine to maintain scarcely devoted, cooling fluid wastage also is reduced significantly. The use of segregator of 3nine oily mist is employee people the working environment with was offerred better, ensured the health of employee and safety further. CNC Milling CNC Machining