Cutting diameter is changed in boring process

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By British Yi porcelain (ITS) the head of boring of series of feed of numerical control radial that company design makes is applied at boring machine of type of horizontal boring milling machine, be born to reach widely contain boring lever on all sorts of machine tools of adjustable function, use complex to etc of casing, valve, cast part change diameter boring treatment. What differ with common boring tool is, cutting tool of ITS boring cutter can change cutting diameter in machining a process actually, need not be aimed at the diameter of workpiece and have special set. ITS can accuse model product of boring head series can divide for two large main types: ITS can control boring head series (CBS) with series of head of boring of ITS geometry outline (CH) . Every kinds of product has to assemble cover the airframe that go up at machine tool mill, the assembly with can offer a tigidity good of structure and the force of roll coming back that cover transmission key implementation by mill deliver. Contain inside every airframe body an expensive accurate machine, this device can move by the linear of lever of machine tool boring drive, the radial that is used at controlling cutting tool moves. ITS can control boring head series (CBS) can accuse in ITS model in product of boring head series, the actuator of by of CNC linear motion of lever of machine tool boring alternates athletic way 90o, the radial that realizes cutting knife head thereby moves. The precision that this one radial moves gives direct report W of lever of machine tool boring to control precision and function. It is with head of ITS CBS-T boring exemple, shift of lever of the boring when the system works and radial of cutting knife head compare mobily for 2: 1. Boring lever every shift 20mm, two-phase will be in severally to bit radial and mobile 10mm (namely the diameter changes 20mm) . Because structural height standardizes the accurate sex with in-house orgnaization, the precision of this system becomes independent by two but coaxial athletic synthesis is offerred, make ITS can accuse model the cutting tool on product of boring head series can the geometrical outline process capability of accurate report machine tool (be similar to lathe of two axes CNC) . Product characteristic ITS can accuse product of boring head series to include a variety of efficient can charge boring lever and head of geometrical outline boring, these boring heads need cutting tool setting only, can undertake a variety of complex nicety are machined. Product of every kinds of ITS contains by nicety of pilot of system of machine tool CNC in-house actuator, the radial of the cutting tool in machining a process actually with accurately control is mobile. Use place of most now machine tool to have advanced control system of the standard, can make up programmed control to make the ITS boring head that already installed, can use at many diameters not only so the treatment of different aperture, also can use at the automatic treatment of intricate geometry outline, for instance: Conic, columnar, pour horn, outline and whorl, and need cutting tool setting only, decreased to change knife and the time that assist an operation greatly, improved the productivity of every cutting blade. ITS can accuse every kinds of product inside boring head series to pass elaborate design, its advantage is as follows: ● breed much, size range of pipe bent is big, can get used to a variety of application circumstances; ● nicety and comfortable the macrobian life that assured a product at undertaking the strong design construction of heavy cut; ● has very tall precision, repeat precision and precision to maintain a gender, can develop the total latent capacity of CNC machine tool adequately; The high automation of cutting of ● cutting tool makes cutting tool changes to shorten with the time that hold key, productivity rises greatly; The Leng Ke inside ● main shaft introduces cooling fluid cutting area directly; What the design with modular ● and construction improve a product greatly is flexible; The join means that ● secures a few kinds ensures machine tool join reachs the crossing-over between the machine tool. NextpageITS can control boring head system is before undertaking, hind two direction boring, discontinuous boring, and rough machining, semifinishing machining and the ideal tool that tall nicety machines. It is the user designed what new product still has a product to improve a design no matter, can pass the program that writes a machine tool afresh to undertake adjustment commonly, in order to get used to new treatment requirement, and the cutting tool that does not need to buy other again. Process capability uses the CNC function that the machine tool provides, ITS series product can offer a special control axis, offerred for product engineer more accurate can accuse cutting state, this makes they can machine common geometrical outline not only, still can wait for a lot of character to undertake machining the control of the process to the cutting deepness, form that cut bits, so it is the ideal tool that machines intricate geometry outline. The geometrical outline that can machine includes: ● taper seat, columnar face, pour horn and ● of many diameter outline to turn over radial of boring and ● of boring of retrorse end panel the housing that diameter of the outline inside ● of groove and whorl of ● of end panel groove and dambered surface of the heavy ● that cut groove, spherical outline is more than orifice diameter (bottle antrum boring) ITS, it can be exchanged between the machine tool and can go up with the advanced machine tool that buys at future. If the requirement to the machine tool wants to use ITS to be able to charge boring head, the machine tool must satisfy undermentioned requirement: ● the first controallable axis -- boring lever can move on axial; ● the 2nd controallable the homocentric axis that the axis must be an independence, namely: An a workbench axis that can accuse, pillar axis that can accuse or certain and independent other can accuse an axis; The whirl that ● boring lever and mill cover must keep consistent. CNC Milling CNC Machining