The improvement of valve base mould plan

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Current, because flat brake a powerful person has volume small, weight stability of light, function, open is agile, sealed without divulge reach service life to grow wait for a characteristic, apply extensively already in all sorts of pipeline systems, especially firepower power plant, and oil, chemical industry and other industry. Valve base of flat brake a powerful person is shown 1 times like the graph, sealing ring is with steel annulus makes framework, bag polyurethane material is comprised outside, form with flashboard sealed deputy. The stand or fall of sealing ring, deciding the sealed function of valve. 1.

Because design of sealing ring mould is not quite reasonable,former mould structure analyses the past (graph 2) make sealing ring quality very flabby calm, when the sealing ring that make, blame of the framework inside the circle slants namely inclined, percent of pass is only 60% the left and right sides, so a lot of assist do an unit not to wish to machine. Its reason is the framework hand inside sealing ring of existing valve base in inhomogenous, calm fixed position is sold with framework it is to sell a contact, the material when feed a machine squashs easily framework, cause framework tilts and frame-up. 2.

The mould improves a basis afore-mentioned problems, we undertake designing improvement to having a pattern, fixed position bolt is improved from mould side fixed position locate for the upper mould from the mould, fixed position bolt undertakes changing making with bolt. If the graph is shown 3 times,the mould is comprised. The biggest characteristic of this kind of configuration is feed a machine easy, 120 ° are set on framework aperture of bolt of 3 fixed position, twist framework to go up with fixed position bolt, location is accordingly exact, after vulcanization products appears not easily afore-mentioned phenomena that produce. Its special place depends on framework of valve base mould bolt of 3 fixed position 2 in upper mould 1 on. 3.

After the effect passes such improvement, improved efficiency, shortened production is periodic, product quality by the past 60% rise to 98% above, and geometrical size is exact, n is tall, goods wool margin is little. CNC Milling CNC Machining