G series product reformed mould machine tool to make

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After G series puts in the market, GROB company is right " innovation " the concept had new look. On the history of GROB enterprise, the new development that returns neither one to produce a system is accompanying so many design and innovatory content. Also never the immediate effect that the series of which new development has so actual sex to all respects of its enterprise. G series product is the innovation on the design. Use G series product to replace GROB so the machine tool series inside limits of current and all cutting, also not be a surprising thing. It replaces the range of products that comprises by synchronous transfer matic, machining center and special type machine tool at present. What be born from this is a compositive treatment system, its are comprised is, deferent link equipment, standard interface listens comfortable match tray, and with module of machining center, non-traditional machining and ship-fitter the treatment that the form appears is unit. Modular with standardization: The main train of thought of whole set is, have the standard component system of diversity type and tall flexibility. The standard component system that produces from this is formed by the machine tool of size of 3 kinds of norms. System of component of this kind of standard can pass different configuration to combine different machine tool. The diversity that deploys program is tremendous. Accordingly G300 series machine tool can have a variety of configuration likelihood, a workpiece, two workpiece, every workpiece a main shaft, every workpiece two main shaft, do not take runner shaft, take A axis, take B axis to take A-B axis and two kinds of main shaft of different measurement. "The optimal appoint that produces standard component part " . Fundamental innovation nods: The innovation place with G the most prominent series is its axis structure. By workpiece the roll that finish and Y axis move, by main shaft the X that finish and Z axis move. Through assembling and unassemble newly plan, the machine tool realizes the job to assemble and unassemble by the deferent catenary of a movement before individual machine tool. It is OK now that module of machining center, non-traditional machining and installation are versed in pass as automation machine tool same a deferent catenary, assemble and unassemble identically equipment works into luggage discharge. Although have the thing of a lot of innovations, but the technology that the stylist of GROB also preserved a lot of traditions, make a gender the stability of the machine tool, accurately in order to assure with Yi Cao. In item process another advantage of   G series reflects the change in item process. It can be in the standardization package that receives the approve on wheeler of order for goods to create G module, if assemble and unassemble,equipment of device, deferent catenary is waited a moment. Be aimed at the special design at the job, decrease comfortable distribute module of tray, special treatment and installation work. Deciding a purpose to have time is technology design, that is to say the design of cutting tool and purchase. Because of formalist multitask transfer matic has been replaced by agile treatment unit slowly, technology design and cutting tool design have a sense more. The foreground of G series: Of G series product introduce the constituent structure that also changed whole design section. Working content develops technology from the meticulous design with special type cutting tool and design, clamping apparatus design, change one's costume or dress, servive routine and " standard " safeguard etc. Although had,be standardized and modular, GROB also won't provide traditional standard machine tool again in future. Contrary, GROB will be offerred more the product that is aimed at a project, had been its because of the diversiform standard component of G series product offerred best premise for goods. In job of the following renovation, will take seriously more assemble a system. CNC Milling CNC Machining