AppleWatch hides mechanism future or supportive blood oxygen detect

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Apple Watch unexpectedlied with respect to fine long hair that day in day of put on sale other place " suffer " famous website IFixit tears open solution, they had an astonishing discovery: Those who be used at measuring hematic oxygen content is include in Apple Watch hardware " pulse oxygen degree of saturation appearance " , but do not know why, the apple did not mention this one function in the formal edition Apple Watch of final put on sale. Will tell normally, what heartbeat of the person that adorn measures use in the intelligent watch of carry out on market is optical heartbeat plan, and the apple is integrated in Apple Watch is the pulse oxygen degree of saturation with stronger function however appearance. No wonder apple ever alleged, the heartbeat of oneself watch detects the function compares a competitor more essence of life is accurate. As to why Apple Watch does not have content of integrated blood oxygen finally to measure a function, IFixit is conjectural, the reason may be an apple in the discovery in the test its essence allows to spend the requirement that cannot achieve his; Also may be supervisory management board of American food and medicines and chemical reagents (FDA) appearance undertakes the pulse oxygen degree of saturation in needing pair of Apple Watch study further, did not undertake permissive to its temporarily. If Apple Watch can support hematic oxygen content to detect, it can help you know the effect that high height above sea level causes to your body better; It also has positive effect to asthmatic patient or athlete. More important is, it can perfect malic health to use a system further, the medical treatment personnel that is use ResearchKit offers more convenience hematic oxygen content to measure a method. Do not eliminate an apple to let Apple Watch support the possibility that hematic oxygen content measures newlier in later period through software at present, if you are in,so this respect has demand, might as well continue to hold attention. CNC Milling CNC Machining