WMX Wiper (Xiu Guangren)

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-- when Gao Sheng produces the first selection of efficiency to be rolled out when CoroMill 490, this is in milling domain is a very big news, now also is. Through offerring unapproachable versatility, coroMill 490 is making stock milling cutting tool increasingly, it reduced cutting tool inventory not only, and still decreased to produce operating ring red-letter day. For the mill opposite side and square shoulder mill, its reduced sheet namely as a result cost. The versatility of CoroMill 490 makes its can be used at face mill and square shoulder mill not only, and also agree with brim cutting and outline mill, groove mill. Its Promethean design means it to be able to mix the form of chamfer of new razor blade of innovation sex new material of new generation razor blade is qualitative perfect union. In addition, coroMill 490 or the first true milling cutter of 90 degrees of square shoulders. CoroMill 490 location is very exact, walk along a knife to be able to acquire finished product, finished cost is reduced about 25% . CoroMill 490 can offer the extensive cutting tool alternative that suits steel and cast-iron application now. No matter your milling what, coroMill 490 can let you use taller cutting parameter and initiative parameter to achieve taller manufacturing efficiency. In little it is much world namely in, coroMill 490 is much, and the meeting is more. CNC Milling CNC Machining