Breakdown of immobile of reference axis of numerical control machine tool is handled

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Summary: In the machine tool that elaborates system of numerical control of FANUC16i, 18i, 0i, generation reference axis cannot move, appear the 410 reasons that call the police, analysis and processing, listed example. Keyword: In the machine tool that reference axis of numerical control machine tool does not use breakdown processing to provide system of numerical control of FANUC16i, 18i, 0i, if reference axis cannot move, the system can appear 410 call the police, the positional deviation quantity in the axial shift that the meaning is correspondence is more than set value. Reason of reference axis immobile has: ① machine tool enters each other to lock up condition; ② electric machinery stirs trouble of line of force; Breakdown of ③ servo amplifier; ④ coder cable or coder breakdown; Breakdown of ⑤ servo electric machinery; Breakdown of ⑥ brake orgnaization; ⑦ mechanical failure; Breakdown of ⑧ servo power source; ⑨ CNC controls systematic breakdown. According to maintenance manual processing this kind of breakdown is compared trival, below the basis is factual in the frequency discretion that breakdown appears comes analysis of one by one. 1.

Analysis and processing (1) lock up signal oneself effective this breakdown pursues through examining echelon can. ① is in systematic parameter 3003 in if the 0th (3003#0) set for 0 when, complete axis each other locks up signal (*IT) effective, the signal G8 that corresponding echelon pursues medium.

4. As a result of G8.

4 use negative logic, low n is effective, namely G8.

4 for 0 or when coil does not illume, g8.

4 effective, all axes enter each other to lock up condition, cannot move. Should analyse further according to echelon graph right now cause G8.

4 for the reason of 0. ② system parameter 3003 in if the 2nd (3003#2) set for 0 when, each axis each other locks up signal (*ITn) effective, g130 of the signal in corresponding echelon graph.

0 (corresponding the 1st axis) , G130.

1 (corresponding the 2nd axis) , G130.

2 (corresponding the 3rd axis) , G130.

3 (corresponding the 4th axis) . This signal is low n likewise effective, namely the G signal of corresponding axis in echelon graph is 0 or when illuming, g signal is effective, corresponding axis enters each other to lock up condition, cannot move. Should analyse further according to echelon graph likewise cause G signal to be the reason of 0. (2) the block cost that whether the dynamical line that checks servo electric machinery examines space of electric machinery motivation with avometer normally should be a few Ω , if block is worth infinity, may be to move line of force to break a string or electric machinery winding breaks a string. The block value of dynamical line and ground space is 100M Ω above normally, if block value is less than 10M Ω , explain electric machinery or the insulation capacity that use line of force drop. The commonnest in practice is breakdown of connect of line of electric machinery power. Because of the short circuit that cutting fluid leakage or splash cause in electric machinery connect, can use hair dryer machine the contact part of even drying electric machinery and cable, restore its insulation ability to perhaps change a line directly; Often produce contact join to become loose additionally, solder line or the trouble that stir line of force to break off because of the reciprocate of workbench. (3) affirm whether using gravitational rod for gravitational axis is to because ball guide screw is not had,point to lock up the ability, axis that issues meeting proper motion to glide in gravitational action oneself. If the Z axis of machining center of the X axis of lathe bed, vertical tilts in numerical control lathe,wait. There is brake orgnaization in gravitational axis traditional Chinese clothes, servo report can chain gravitational axis is not moved after report of act on one's own judgment in an emergency, coil of the brake after electrify gets report, loose brake orgnaization, make guide screw turns smoothly. Brake coil power source is dc 24V or 90V commonly. If gravitational axis is not moved, want part of first consideration brake to whether have trouble, for example whether does coil get report, whether orgnaization of open circuit, brake works to whether wait for a problem normally. (4) the settlement with servo amplifier the most virtual breakdown method changes with an in good condition servo amplifier. The beard before changing measures dynamical line to be worth to the block of the ground, without the block when short circuit the value should be in 10M Ω above, at the same time observation diagnoses date 200#4 (HCA) value, if be 1, the specification has serious short circuit trouble. Need the ability when ensuring servo electric machinery perhaps moves line of force not to have short circuit breakdown to be able to change, lest damage good servo amplifier. (5) coder or coder cable breakdown connect regular meeting companion to have 300 at this moment date is the following call the police, indication breakdown and coder are relevant. Reason: ① coder cable is broken line, join becomes loose or screen is undesirable wait for breakdown, especially contact or often mobile part, need to solder afresh or change cable. Breakdown of ② coder itself, need to change right now coder. (6) the block between line of power of electric machinery of servo of breakdown of servo electric machinery is worth should equal, block is worth about a few Ω . The insulation resistance between electric machinery winding and ground is insulation in 100M Ω above good, the insulation when Ω of 10 ~ 100M drops, insulation of Ω of 1 ~ 10M drops aggravate, should not be under 1M Ω use, need to maintain or change electric machinery. (7) muscularity of block of mechanical failure machinery causes electric machinery to stop turn, there can be overload in diagnostic picture right now or shed a directive too, correspondence diagnoses date 200#7 (OVL) #5 (OVC) the likelihood is 1. Detachable next electric machinery, make electric machinery alone rotate it is normal to look. With hand roll guide screw, whether does observation rotate trouble-free. If resistance is too great or card is dead, should maintain mechanical share, wait like slideway, guide screw, bearing, shaft coupling, fender. (8) amplifier of servo of series of I of α of breakdown of module of servo power source has alone power source module, input three-phase communicates 200V (permit fluctuant range 170 ~ 220V) , output dc 300V (permit fluctuant range 240 ~ 400V) , offer servo amplifier, wide modulation of arteries and veins of servo amplifier course (PWM) turn servo of alternating current drive into electric machinery. It is normal that power source of independent type servo is inputted like three-phase alternating current source and dc output is abnormal, should call the police to clew is handled or change according to the window of power source module power source module. Amplifier of servo of β I series and an organic whole of consummate of servo power source. Input of alternating current source of three-phase of power source of servo of consistent form of characters or letters still has normally call the police, should call the police to clew is handled or change according to the window of module module of type of an organic whole. (9) breakdown of CNC control system changes advocate board, whether does judgement breakdown disappear. 2.

Maintenance example exemple 1: A machining center deserves to deliver system of that division 0i-B, axis of X of machine tool workbench cannot move, call the police date is 410. Breakdown processing: Examine diagnostic date 200#5 for 1, the specification has had voltaic appearance. With avometer the block between line of inspection motive force and ground wire is worth a Ω having 3M to control, explain servo electric machinery or ability of dynamical line insulation drop. Open fender, discovery has cutting fluid leakage to be in to electric machinery connect. Tear open next cable, with hair dryer even drying electric machinery is mixed the connect of dynamical line, restore its insulation ability. After the sealing strip that ruptures fender changes, try machine is normal. Exemple 2: One deserves to send the machining center of system of that division 0i-C, workbench of axis of the Y after wiping a machine tool cannot move, call the police date is 410. Breakdown processing: Move needs as a result of individual component when the machine tool maintains or be being wiped or clean, via regular meeting occurrence open circuit and short circuit phenomenon. Through observing discovery is electric roof ministry has crack, clear lotion from this leakage arrives in amplifier of Y axis servo. Change everything is normal after servo amplifier. CNC Milling CNC Machining