Feel screen and sensor technology

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Alleged feeling screen, will tell from market concept, it is the computer input device that a kind of everybody can use, perhaps saying is the equipment that communicates what everybody can use with the computer. Need not learn, everybody can be used, it is the magic power with feeling the greatest screen, no matter this are clavier or mouse, cannot compare with its. Tell from technical principle angle, touching screen is a transparent absolutely system that find site, above all it is transparent that it must assure, accordingly it must solve transparent problem through material science and technology, like digitlization appearance, write board, elevator switch, they are not feeling screen; Next it is absolutely coordinate, which finger feels is, do not need the 2nd action, unlike mouse, it is a system of relative fixed position, we can notice, feeling screen software does not need cursor, cursor instead affects the attention of the user, because cursor is used to the equipment of relative fixed position, the equipment of relative fixed position should move to want to know to be in where now above all to a place, go toward wh which direction, return what need keeps to give an user feedback all the time current position just will not appear deviation. The feeling that these absolutely to adopting coordinate locate does not need for screen; Can detect namely next again the feeling movement of finger and judgement finger position, technology of screen of of all kinds feeling is around " detect finger is felt " and eight saints go across the sea each shows special prowess. Feel 3 kinds of character of screen: ● transparency can touch screen is form by multilayer compound film, the stand or fall of limpid performance affects the visual effect that feels screen directly. Measure feeling screen transparency to be able to want to be measured from its visual effect not only, still should include distortion factor of diaphaneity, colour, glance gender and definition these 4 are characteristic. All of ● world coordinate system our traditional mouse is system of a kind of relative fixed position, before be being mixed only one times the positional coordinate of the mouse is concerned. And feeling screen is all of a kind of world coordinate system, should choose which straight contact, having substaintial distinction with system of relative fixed position. The characteristic of all of world coordinate system is every time fixed position coordinate and locate coordinate does not have a relation last time, the data that feels every time passes the coordinate that calibration turns to go up for screen, no matter be below what circumstance, this coordinate is in feeling screen bit samer output data is stability. Do not live the matter as a result of technical principle, data of sampling of every time of feeling of unwarrantable same point is same, unwarrantable absolutely coordinate locates, the dot forbids, this touchs screen namely most the problem that fear: Drift. For good to performance quality feeling screen, what the case of drift appears is not very serious. ● detects with what locate all sorts of feeling screen technologies are to rely on sensor to work, even some feeling screen itself are a sensor. Respective fixed position principle and the response rate that the sensor that uses severally decided to touch screen, dependability, stability and life. All feeling screen have 3 kinds of main element. The sensor of the choice that handles an user is unit; With the controller that perception is felt and locates, and by deferent feeling signal arrives the software equipment drive of computer operating system. Feeling screen sensor has 5 kinds of technologies: Resistor technology, capacitance technology, infrared ray technology, sound wave technology or near field are become like the technology. All feeling screen systems have the 5 old technologies that touch screen one adds the sensor on monitor is unit. Sensor unit and controller and equipment drive software coordinate the work, perceptive every time feels a movement, determine the position of feeling and give the operating system of the computer these information hair. Up to now 5 kinds of technologies can offer unit of feeling screen sensor to use, every kinds of technology has its most applicable situation. ● near field is become like feeling screen near field is become picture (NFI, of NearFieldImaging) feeling screen passing feeling orgnaization is the intermediate two lamination glass that has coat of electric conduction of oxide of a transparent metal. Bring to bear on on electric coating signal of a communication, form a static electric field in screen appearance thereby. Should have finger (belt not glove all but) or sensor of other conductor bring into contact with when, electrostatic field can be disturbed. And to it the video processing controller of form a complete set can explore this interference to signal reachs its place and pass corresponding coordinate parameter to the operating system. Near field is become very durable like feeling screen, sensitivity is very good, can asking to be used in very harsh environment, also apply to the public circumstance that unmanned value defends quite, but its insufficient place is the price more expensive. Type of resistor of screen of feeling of ● resistor mood touchs screen by softness superstratum board and solid lower level board form, there is place of a few insulations between these two material. Superstratum board is mixed the inside of lower level board has a transparent metallic oxide coat. Because the cent of resistor controls function, onboard is different the voltage of place is to press ladder second arrange. The dot touchs soft superstratum board, can be in superstratum board is mixed the contact is formed to nod between lower level board, resembling is the switch in circuit. Control circuit can nod the contact the different voltage that form to be changed into positional coordinate information. The economy of screen of resistor mood feeling is very good, power supply requirement is simple, very easy industrialization, and accommodative applied domain is varied. For example commonly used now PDA hold facility, basically be to use resistor type to touch screen. Its surface is used normally plastic make, softer, wearability is poorer. Screen of feeling of mood of capacitance of screen of feeling of ● capacitance mood is the curved surface that exterior apply has transparent metal oxide or flat glass. In screen bring to bear on quadrilateral a voltage, form a balanced electric field on screen thereby. Not when the hand of glove points to or conductor and screen are contacted will from absorb different electric current quadrilateral, the position of the size of each electric current and feeling is concerned. The niche that dominates circuit to be able to be felt according to different decision of electric current. Screen of capacitance mood feeling basically is used at game recreation kind the information of equipment and communal circumstance serves facility, not big to the influence of picture definition, feeling resolution is higher. Insufficient place is to ask to use not the finger of glove or conductor contact ability spark, need often new calibration, performance gets easily long tatty influence, have industrialized production hard. Screen of feeling of ultrasonic of screen of feeling of ● surface sound wave passes screen fore-and-aft with the transducer suppressing report of transverse brim emissive ultrasonic comes true, in contain on the brim on severally ultrasonic sensor, form ultrasonic of stagger of a freely in screen appearance so bar case. Point to when the hand or other and flexible when feeling pen is close to screen appearance, hold back and absorbed fore-and-aft with transverse sound wave. Whether ultrasonic sensor can have finger to perhaps contact brush stroke in Chinese painting and calligraphy and screen certainly according to the change of sound wave, different sensor represents different coordinate position. Controller can pass contact of the intensity of ultrasonic and butt joint of positional change information to have fixed position. Ultrasonic feeling screen is very small to the definition influence of former monitor, very tall to the perceptive resolution of feeling, and wear well. Another characteristic is not tall to the flatness requirement of video screen appearance, be in so spherical or on cylinder monitor can better land application. Screen of this kind of feeling basically is used at medical treatment custody and the public news service of a few fundamental situations. Insufficient place is finger and osculatory pen must can absorb sound wave, be disturbed easily by noise, industrialized production is more difficult, taller to requirement of power supply system, requirement screen appearance is clean it is better to spend, dirty perhaps content can affect water be soiled use effect. Screen of ● infra-red feeling is infra-red feeling screen breaks a technology to be fundamental with block of beam of light, do not need to enclothe any material in original monitor surface, displaying screen however all around put a framework. On two subtense above frame, install glow diode at the same time (LED) , across installs infrared detector, the face that showing screen so formed a bar division that forms by infrared ray. When any objects enter this bar case, can stop a few rays, can get metabolic signal on infrared detector, by controller transfers the positional coordinate of feeling the operating system. The advantage of infra-red feeling screen is completely pervious to light, do not affect the definition of monitor, and resolution is very high. Adverse one side has: The price is more expensive; Glow diode life is briefer, affected the life of whole feeling screen; In applying an environment, be disturbed easily by strong light. But, technology of latter and infra-red feeling had bigger breakthrough, overcame many fataller before problems. Current, infra-red feeling screen basically applies on the monitor of larger size, for example the automatic ATM in the bank and many martial application. 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