Sai Rui rolls out coordinate of type of door of dragon of series of newest Function Plus to measure machine

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Recently, the sea overcomes one of well-known trademarks with subordinate group of Si Kang technology, sai Rui rolled out his newest product, coordinate of type of door of dragon of Function Plus series is measured machine. According to introducing, this are measured machine measure need for large size and the part that exceed large size only and design, satisfied aerospace, mould and component to make an enterprise gauge the demand that examines with character about nicety. The product concept in the new standard with high-tech, low cost, high quality and pour into, make its become 3 coordinate to measure the surveyor's pole of machine market. Coordinate of type of door of dragon of Function Plus series is measured machine, come from the coordinate with deep group of Hexagon metric industry to measure series application experience, be based on most advanced dragon door type to measure machine design and production technology, ensured overall the long-term stability of precision is reliable, modular design and the application that material designs a technology, make Function Plus has modern manufacturing industry must efficiency and flexibility. Relevant personnel expresses, the precision that every kinds of type offerred Function Plus to optimize and efficiency, the client can need to choose proper model according to its, limits of Function Plus journey arrives from × 1000mm of 2000mm × 3300mm × 1800mm of 2500mm × 5000mm. CNC Milling CNC Machining