Ultraviolet the application that laser makes bid on electric switch

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Ultraviolet laser makes bid: Rate is rapid, resolution is high. Ultraviolet because the application of laser initiated plastic material to make the new approach of mark, suffer fully so take seriously. What shortwave grows is ultraviolet the actinic response that the energy that laser outputs aroused material, at the same time ultraviolet because quantity of heat is excessive,laser avoided to be defeated ultraviolet laser makes bid: Rate is rapid, resolution is high. Enter and bring about material to be destroyed. When processing a few sensitive data, what contain fire retardant for example is plastic, ultraviolet laser can realize high resolution to make bid, get first-rate surface quality and the rapiddest treatment rate at the same time. With infra-red compare with green laser, ultraviolet laser does not need any costly laser when material is machined sensitive additive, can achieve rapidder treatment rate and dozen of mark quality with get better apparently. Electric switch laser makes bid: Become angry bid is made on plastic electric switch, it is the color below change data surface commonly, for instance carbonization action. Should use ultraviolet when laser, nigrescent hit mark to be able to be passed selectively plastic surface lower level comes to carbonization implementation. The input of heat energy is in by demarcate a very small designation inside area, make hit the content of mark and setting material to distinguish apparently thereby, differentiate very easily. Hit sign chance TruMark6330 TruMark6330 quickly ultraviolet the wavelengh of the machine that make bid is 355nm. It provided new method to bid is made on plastic and electric switch. Besides have the characteristic that makes mark machine commonly, the additional and outstanding advantage of TruMark6330 is: Head of a laser can install two scanning Zhen Jing. Because this hits mark speed to be able to accelerate one times, perhaps can make bid on two flank of the spare parts. The fastest career that makes bid can achieve 3000 character / second. Identical content of Parallel Marking Of Equal Content hits mark to deserve to synchronous beam of light is divided at the same time bundle implement system of double scanning head, every scanning head outputs the laser energy of 1/2. Ground of synchronism of two scanning head plays identical content on workpiece, make the yield of whole system can raise one times thereby. Ordinal the content with dozen of identical or different mark deserves to asynchronous beam of light is divided bundle implement system of double scanning head, different content can make bid respectively by order. The energy of laser does not have fractionation, the full capabilities of laser is guided by order by smooth brake two scan respectively Zhen Jingzhong. The content that makes bid is OK and identical, OK also and different. If two scanning Zhen Jinghu becomes 90º horn to install,a laser makes bid to two faces, so a machine that make bid is OK bid is made on two faces of workpiece. Laser light beam arrives from Zhen Jingyi of a scanning the changeover time of another Zhen Jing is 50ms about. The reliable tool that TruMark6330 makes sign chance make bid for electric switch as had determined solid position in industrial group. It is to solve plastic material to make bid most the economy, most efficient method. CNC Milling CNC Machining