Use technology of high speed cutting to machine the component of hi-tech

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-- the HSC that undertakes to complex, fragile optical assembly high accuracy machines the Ka Ercai that is located in Oberkochen to manage the company used Roeders firm (High Speed Cutting) technology of high speed milling is optical to nicety the structure propping up of appearance of the complex regular geometry external form in the system and free geometry. The company of department of Cai blocking Er that is located in Oberkochen is average produce this kind of brittle high accuracy container with the 250 batch to 300 " people can is opposite through our product ' high-tech ' this one concept gets intuitionistic understanding, because people thinks generally to apply in plane and universe,medium technology is high-tech " , director Mr Alfred Langer of special order processing sector says the company of department of Cai blocking Er that comes from Oberkochen jokingly (graph 1) . This branch machines complex mechanical spare parts not only, and can offer solution of one a complete set of to the treatment of the optical assembly with slashing requirement and complex part. Because be mixed with the design directly,development department scrolls pasted on either side of the door forming a couplet is, the client is developing level to be able to get supportive. Graph 1: The branch is in charge of Alfred Langer to say: "Craft of treatment of cutting of HSC high speed and the cutting force that its reduce and less in workpiece heat conduct the large wall with brittle to treatment character kind the structure is very advantageous. " graph 2: Project manager Richard Kaak says: "Using the device of cutting of HSC high speed of Roeders company about one year half hind, we think this equipment had satisfied all and significant demand. " the internationalization industry group that Ka Ercai manages the company is the world's banner optics and photoelectricity industry, its product and service basically apply at biology medicine to study domain and medicine learn a territory, except Ka Ercai manages the company still is semiconductor industry, auto industry and machine tool industry to offer systematic solution beyond this (graph 3) . These most advanced products are normally with sheet or the form of small lot appears. To this, "Special order machines a ministry " the mechanical part that basically produces such as lining and athletic part, the requirement that because this confrontations,quantity and precision raise is self-evident also. This branch has about 25 machine tools, belong to modern lathe and the milling center of 3 axes, 4 axes for the most part among them. The requirement as a result of order each are not identical, the data that awaits treatment is varied also, accordingly this branch needs to process the groovy data of such as aluminium and carbon not only, still need to process the special data of countless, included hardness among them extremely tall or hard the alloy material of cutting. Graph 3: High accuracy craft: The example of the high-tech equipment that Ka Ercai manages the company is used is coordinate measuring instrument " GageMax " . The advantage of technology of cutting of HSC high speed " we need to machine a large number of brittle large walls kind spare parts, use at the support structure of optical system for instance. This structure can happen in the process that contacts with cutting tool be out of shape, bring about loss of accuracy " , say of complement of project manager Mr Richard Kaak (graph 2) . The kind that big pitch whorl all carries likely on administrative talking will reduce deviation, but this kind of process cost is very high, and do not apply to the requirement with longer service life. Another blemish still include the oscillatory drive that produces inside limits of spare parts natural frequency and heat to conduct a phenomenon, and be out of shape because of what this causes. Technology of cutting of HSC high speed is placed when traditional Chinese clothes and disassemble very convenient, cutting force is inferior. And because arbor rotate speed is higher and bring taller incentive frequency, because this can is opposite,remedy the flaw that 3 sort mistake brings. HSC craft still can improve the economic performance of treatment, in the fractionize market that specializations in a such height, cost also made the payoff of be the first to be affected. Normally the circumstance falls, technical personnel must with purchase personnel to just can make a decision together. Graph 4: Work area: Ka Ercai manages the company is used at machining the Roeders RXP 500 DS of special order part. The choice of systematic respect " the selection process that deciding before using a brand-new system, we had very meticulous caution finally " , alfred Langer is recollected. Have the product of all suppliers on market classified above all, undertake study carefully to singling out the product that come next. The system that chooses lieutenant general remnant to come down in the 2nd round undertakes contrasting assessment, the supplier with farther unqualified eliminate. The 3rd pace, have trial production of conclusive ─ of one pace ─ most namely, ask in order to reach the mass that Ka Ercai manages the company is made. Roeders company won a victory finally, their 5 axes ' RXP 500DS ' machining center cooperates round deal with to turn swing mesa (graph 4) can offer the linear drive that reachs high accuracy quickly and very tall tigidity. Graph 5: The alignment of the dot: The pedestal that makes by the special alloy material of the component that contain silicon will cooperate with columnar bearing. The precision that can achieve at present is 5 Dai (the position that considered an axis) , and circularity needs to achieve 2 Dai . New facility is used at was being thrown in August 2006. Its characteristic is as follows: The linear drive that does not have attrition, tall trends is united in wedlock " traditional " scroll slideway. Heat 10 times when the displacement of high resolution of have the aid of measures system, advanced temperature management system, main shaft loop, and the precision that undertakes to main shaft deviation the measure such as additional measurement and compensation all can raise this to cover equipment. The power that the main shaft of the machine tool and HSK-40 pedestal can achieve 14KW and 42000 turn / minute rotate speed. In addition still a variety of accessory can offer an alternative, provide the clamping apparatus that cleans with workpiece with Yu Dao for instance, latex refrigeration system and the measure calipers and high accuracy laser cutting tool that are used at workpiece survey a system. The place with this the most absorbing system was developing a special round axis to revise a system at Roeders company, many a little bit 400 are measured inside treatment area and undertake correction accordingly. Although undertake machining at the same time to many plane, this system also can undertake to deviation online control and computation are compensated, achieve extremely tall precision thereby, and need not personnel of machine tool operation takes special step. "In contented and all axial angle and the premise that machine speed higher fall, the equipment of Roeders company achieved extremely tall precision by right of these technical window. And this also is our place need " , mr Langer is summed up. Graph 6: Nodical position: Contain tilt clearance annulus of the surface, it is with the included angle of axial 5.

3 degrees. Do not exceed 0 with the nodical position error of axes.

02 millimeter. Annulus of this kind of clearance basically applies on NIRSpec equipment, issue generation to breath out suddenly satellite namely " super binoculars " . The experience that sums up so far " so far we had used this device nearly one year between half, accordingly we at the outset the requirement basically got satisfaction " , richard Kaak affirms say. This equipment can satisfy the requirement of precision respect already, can undertake high speed cutting is machined again. E.g. , use this equipment to be able to machine complex pedestal (graph 5) assure its and many cylinder spare parts cooperate, this needs to aim many axes accurately, still need to consider axis and internal diameter micrometer between about the precision of 5 M, so the precision of whole treatment process must be controlled in less than of 2 M limits. The example that still can cite to machine brittle clearance annulus additionally (graph 6) , this spare parts accompanies wedge plane, it is with the included angle of axial 5.

3 degrees. The nodical position of oblique plane and axes had exceeded spare parts itself, and tolerancepublic errand limits must be controlled in 0.

02 millimeter less than. What need emphasizes particularly here is the precision that can achieve quite when haul. Have the aid of at efficient inside buy is measured reach compensation device to be able to get taller precision, and compare current technology on all quantitative class more accurate. Additional, the equipment of Roeders company is returned special the automation treatment in applying to unmanned post flow. This equipment deployed converter of 18 course work and a capacity to be 100 chain knife library, can undertake machining in before dawn period of time (graph 7) . Graph 7: Unmanned post: Have the aid of at converter of 18 course work " RC2 " can undertake machining in before dawn period of time, reduce cost thereby. Support after the necessary carry out in plan " manufacturer must accord we are enough good after service " , alfred Langer says. After service is very important, because once chose this equipment, also was on a brand-new road, the control system that must abandon the very popular machine tool on market controls a system and using Roeders him company to develop at the same time. Of course, the good point that such doing depended on using the overall design concept that agrees with the machine tool, by him business of machine tool production development controls a system and optimize ceaselessly in domain of this one technology. It is very important to still have a bit, control a system to must keep accurate namely without by accident upgrade. Adopt these measure, roeders company is able to manage according to Ka Ercai the demand of the company undertakes optimizing directly, store quickly on CD CD additional order, throw instantly carry out. Roders company is in above in all flow all better land was carried out superintend. This applies to after service phase as much. The advantage of catenary of centralized technological process " we must mention is extra income, namely the precision advantage that we can continue to use this to cover equipment in the operation flow henceforth " , richard Kaak say. After get through of will all flow, include burr and polishing technological process for instance, the dominant position with the treatment high precision of this equipment will get be reflectinged further, reduce cost of do poorly done work over again apparently thereby. Can avoid to use for instance cast a part. Need shifts to an earlier date previously statistical large wall and the brittle amount that need treatment part, lest using convention,its are exceeded when technological equipment can susceptive force. Although can be used,cast plan, but people still needs interpose to produce flow, cooperating to reach sealed exterior area especially. Processing of zincous to casting the surface of the spare parts to undertake oxidation cannot reach the quality order and degree of a requirement. Reach its inferior cutting power dominant position through introducing technology of milling of HSC high speed, people can extend the limit of size range of pipe bent ceaselessly. CNC Milling CNC Machining