How to machine internal gear more efficiently?

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, Shanteweikekeleman is puissant the technical progress that blows tine to provide banner solution machining center produces the internal gear production methods with more expensive efficiency to use, puissant blow tooth, levelled road. Craft of this kind of treatment besides treatment rate is rapidder besides, still can offer better treatment quality with lower cost, its manufacture efficiency is the craft that insert tine 4 to 10 times, and compare with broaching craft photograph, it has taller flexibility and treatment quality. Accordingly, machine tool manufacturer is satisfying the puissant craft that blow tooth in development the machining center of special requirement and software solution, recombine cutting tool solution of Shanteweikekeleman, make contribution for more efficient gear production jointly. ÅkeSjölander of manager of car business branch explains Shanteweikekeleman. Q: What is puissant blow tooth? A: Puissant blowing tooth is craft of a kind of successive cutting, through outfit clip can complete all treatment process. It was united in wedlock to boil substantially mill and insert tine two kinds of craft. The time that this kind of craft produces place of a gear to expend wants than other technology short much, age than inserting normally technology is fast fourfold. The need that insert tine through relapsing journey motion treatment gives teeth of a cogwheel, this kind of motion is one kind carries out cutting to undertake processability sky returns is not again, and puissant blow tine criterion leave out this one needless blame cutting time. Differ with broaching craft, puissant blow tine to need to add tool to place only, ensure taller flexibility and quality. Under photograph comparing, the cutting tool of broaching craft machines cycle to grow, manufacturing flexibility is low, become bottleneck consequently. Q: Nowadays, why is the puissant craft that blow tooth wide in gear cutting industry get attention? A: Puissant the notional conception that blows tooth is in early 1910 already figuration, since in those days, people realises, when machining most internal gear, the manufacturing efficiency that blows tooth may want to be gotten than inserting tooth depth much. But, become more dovish in machining center only with tigidity stronger and after synchronous main shaft is born, puissant the ability that blow tooth receives more wide application. Q: Puissant blow tine what to special demand there is? A: Machining center of the puissant requirement that blow tooth and main shaft can answer the treatment operating mode of high trends; It still needs completely synchronous main shaft. If,this is meant slowdown of spare parts main shaft, cutter spindle can be answered instantly. In the puissant working procedure that blow tooth, cutting tool axis and gear axis crisscross, cutting tool and the angle decision that gear axis becomes produce the on any account of efficiency, point of view is older, manufacturing efficiency is taller. Appropriate software is very significant also to machine tool control, they can optimize the efficiency of the craft that blow tooth. Q: Puissant blow tine what to demand have to tool system? A: The puissant need that blow tooth manufactures the cutting tool with taller efficiency. Shanteweikekeleman offers those who apply to rough machining but dislocation cutting tool and the integral hard alloy that suit finish machining / integral high-speed steel (HSS) cutting tool. But dislocation cutting tool can improve manufacturing efficiency, the oldest rate reduces the use of cutting tool of the whole in finish machining. This also is meant finish machining cutting tool long grind frequency to fall to lowest. Q: What part can the puissant technology that blow tooth still produce with a future life? A: Puissant blow tine to apply to the tine inside manufacturing internal gear, belt / outside the spline outside the axis of tine, spline or belt and inside the spare parts of single gear wheel of spline. It still applies to the treatment before the temper by dipping in water of internal gear is hard and the good treatment of all type gear. Q: Shanteweikekeleman is puissant blew tine what to solution offer? A: Shanteweikekeleman offers complete cutting tool solution and solution of a puissant treatment that blow tooth. CoroMill®179 be a kind brand-new but dislocation cutting cutting tool, apply to modulus to be more than the rough machining application of 3 Mm. And be aimed at small modulus and finish machining working procedure, we are offerred a series of cutting tool of pulverous metallurgy high-speed steel and cutting tool of integral hard alloy. Additional, shanteweikekeleman still can apply a company to use the knowledge of the respect in treatment, the respect is evaluated to offer professional proposal for the client in the production of spare parts of special type gear and manufacturing cycle. Summary from its original concept is conceived 100 old after today, puissant blow tine to become actual productivity eventually, this should be attributed to the progress of machine tool technology. To type of application of numerous internal gear, puissant the significant progress that blowing tooth is treatment speed, cost and quality respect. CNC Milling CNC Machining