Italy is small technology of the production that note model

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Small the technical content that notes model and automation level are high, can increase treatment business the competitive position in global field, europe machines a manufacturer to pay close attention to this more. Italian manufacturer can offer advanced solution for the small domain that note model. The technology that company of BM Biraghi of * of   of   of   of * of   of *     once confronted company of Cattini of business of a serious treatment to put forward to have challenge sex extremely asks: Produce miniature car fittings with different polymer, include to use costly and the PEEK of difficult treatment. Cattini company is Germany the accurate assembly vendor of manufacturer of a famous car, the important client that has an automobile industry undertakes osculatory for the project of a tall nicety and this company. Assembling those who have archetypal pattern is other the test that has on the machine that note model is not successful, because of the public errand that short of place asks, and change makings hind, superabundant makings remain is inside machine canister, cause screw to clear hard. And, the dimension of the pattern that determines finally should be compared those who anticipate is big. For this, this company decides to use assemble the Sintesi 75 machine that has 22 Mm special screw, easy clean sex and wider material machine the mould precision of this machine, screw temperature limits is satisfactory. Its another advantage is percent defective extremely low. The minim that BM Biraghi company offers notes model machine to be able to satisfy the manufacturing requirement of products of client miniature precision well. The plastic insert of OMF Turra shapes to note model confidential to produce 8 kinds of micro-assembly with this equipment with vertical, these components should be later on automation product line with other metal assemble together, accordingly, asks precision is extremely tall. This machine that note model matchs the model with special stock to turn screw (the diameter is 22 with 18 Mm) , other configuration still has: Pressure limiter, use at preventing to reduce and had arisen to press as a result of screw diameter; Be aimed at technically note model custom-built special type pattern plate and the system that note model; Orgnaization of self-regulation of force combining a model. OMF Turra of * of   of   of   of   of   of   of   of   of   of * of   of   of   of   of   of   of   of *     is a professional production thermoplastic the manufacturer that plastic insert notes model vertical to record model machine, the minim insert that is all sorts of types notes model production supplies a variety of equipment. The newest equipment that in this domain its supply is one is used at producing orgnaization of car door closedown to use pawl (component of a kind of high accuracy) full automatic the machine that note model. In this project, the vertical that should build notes model need to match stock to feed the revolving stage coming back of makings by manipulator on machine; An oscillator system, can the inattentive component orientaton of intromit, locate correctly in the mould, undertake compound note model, reassume gives finished product later. In because insert is free,entering automatic production process, so need has to the system departs and guide bring these insert. This one job is finished by oscillator of a conveyer belt, but insert preliminary billabong. After this, because insert has special geometrical structure, use system of a photoelectric cell to explore the appearance of insert, be in perpendicular correct up with water square their direction. After insert way locates correctly, the system checks the integrality of insert, the initial phase that producing thereby ensures product quality of whole. The magnetic manipulator that goes up by the first revolving stage coming back subsequently puts the insert of correct fixed position into the mould. The pattern that fits good insert tend notes model station, wait complete the phase that note model, namely stuff is metric enter machine canister until make note model cooling. Later, uninstall tend of mould lower mould the station through a turning mechanism, take out a product by a manipulator. Manufacturing rate is 1700 / hour. The majorrest design problem that this equipment place solves is the billabong of insert and orientaton, enter insert place the mould by manipulator in, and the mould of development should compensate the dimension difference with slight insert quite. Claudio Celata reachs equipment of machinery of Italian plastic balata and mould manufactory for Macplas magazine publisher trade association (ASSOCOMAPLAST) general manager. CNC Milling CNC Machining