CAD technology reachs his to be in the machine tool is overall the application in the design

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Article key discussed a machine tool overall the overall compose adult of technology of the CAD in the design is, and current CAD technology is in the machine tool is overall a few main problems that exist in design application and settle a way accordingly; Brief finally introducing " the machine tool is overall IDMT of design CAD software " function, characteristic and total construction frame. One, the application of CAD technology and development course are current, technology of CAD of industry of our country machine tool is digested via be being absorbed for years and tackle key problem promotion, already had good foundation and quite dimensions, and from the product development needs and technical development trend looks, assisting a product to develop a project to the computer from onefold CAD at present (ComputerAidedDevelopmentEngineeringforproducts, abbreviation CADE) development (see a table 1) the develops course CAD technology application that expresses 1 products plan to develop field place to use a technology but reduce the following main stage: (1) swings drawing board phase: Give priority to with 2 dimension plot, complementary with the part three-dimensional model, its target depends on improving plot efficiency and quality. (Development of 2) special system uses level: Software foundation is propped up to go up in the graph, in the light of some special system undertakes 2 times developing, use a sex the specific aim of software, easily in order to rise, the efficiency that improves special system to design development is main feature. (The unifinication that 3) is based on product data to manage PDM is compositive use level: With the product overall whole process of design and development is a target, adopt computer network and database technique, produce the business all related to the product information in the process (include: Code of file of standard of blueprint of model of development plan, product, project, technology, craft, numerical control) with the process (include: Design, treatment, planned dispatching, assemble, detect etc) compositive go up in unified platform, make an administrative system that is core with the product. (4) network: Build be based on fictitious technology and with company local area network (Intranet) with distributed client computer / the CAD/CAPP/CAM on server mode foundation develops environment and executive product development in coordination collateral project is main feature. At present machine tool industry already was in the 2nd phase carry out, partial enterprise already began the exploration that the 3rd phase applies. 2, the machine tool is overall the application of technology of the CAD in the design and the problem that basically exist currently and settle a way 1.

The problem that technology of CAD of current our country basically exists in development application is current, the development application of technology of our country CAD is in obtained great progress while also put in a few main problems: (The CAD system that 1) uses (especially system of personal computer CAD) give priority to with component plot mostly, those who improve a product is its innovation design to machine tool product, overall the action that designs quality to have essential sex hard. And increase of the data ceaselessly as blueprint, the management that is a spare parts again, revise, retrieve form enormous pressure. (2) lack is perfect and practical with open compositive application because the environment wants a commercial CAD to prop up an environment to turn a design into the tool of personnel handy, need undertakes 2 times developing, although home had some of unit to obtain many outstanding positive result on 2 development in the past, but often be respective stronger on some unit technology, and the environment propping up of each units is differ, consequently hard the software that efficient collect makes the overall support of whole set design personnel application develops an environment. (3) is lacked from the product overall the CAD system that at present home uses the design that plan angle undertakes, analysis and evaluation system is given priority to with component plot mostly, lack from the product overall plan design begins, from structural overall situation best angle undertakes designing an analysis, cannot begin to blend in the opinion of each respect and job from plan design, the iteration that creates a product easily thereby is revised, lengthened product development cycle. Accordingly, research is developed with the product overall the design is a target, whole process applies CAD and the unifinication related its integratedly compositive technology already made inevitable trend, stride a new chance to extricateoneself from an awkward position in order to promote the application of CAD technology. 2.

The approach that solves a problem is current, earnestly needs to consider to develop with period build: (1) is comfortable its due and good CAD applies the environment of open CAD application software that operates at designing staff frame structure, the parameter that is based on a feature is changed or variable is changed build a model, structure of complete graph library, database, build open environment, make design personnel to be able to complement according to need development, build the system of CAD application software of this enterprise. (Design of 2) overall program and evaluation system study technology of development general CAD and modular the machine tool that designs technical photograph union is overall plan is modular design method and normative plan evaluate a system, go up in order to overcome a tradition too count an individual " wisdom " , the drawback with optional big sex, assure product quality, the innovation of stimulative product is designed, shorten design development cycle, quick the change that answers market demand. (3) is overall the structure is optimized as main as emulation method be from assure overall the angle of function will study the machine tool is overall the structure optimizes a technology, here has the algorithmic problem that builds a model to also have affirmatory load and attrib border problem, more design him personnel shares applied problem directly, development emulates the technical application in this domain, make products plan can more intuitionistic and comprehensive, the experience that can make design staff and computational analysis are united in wedlock faultlessly, in order to advance the development that the structure designs. (Information shares the enterprise of 4) network to adopt computer network and database technique with collateral project environment, all sorts of information that reach products plan development whole process are compositive in the distributed network environment that shares in, the whole process that develops for products plan offers to share data environment compositively, implementation enterprise is departmental between the door work in coordination. 3, the machine tool is overall the functional system that designs CAD system pursues 1 machine tool is overall the functional module administrative levels that designs CAD system pursues 1.

Overall program design and the mainstream method that evaluate a system to be aimed at products plan of current home machine tool are update in order to improve " mutation type is designed " give priority to, complementary decide module function in order to achieve into the characteristic of the design. Its characteristic is: Exist but endowment the distribution plan that consult, accordingly the key is: The program that establishs standardization is designed and the assessment technique, technology economy that strengthens case of the other side is analysed and answer to the market quickly. Pass " overall program design and evaluation system " the plan design that establishs a standardization and evaluation technology, decide relatively sound plan truly inside shorter time. 2.

Overall structural function optimizes with emulate its main content includes: Overall performance optimizes the machine tool, and of appearance of main structural member, dimension and character optimize, in order to assure overall function, make design personnel understanding overall and characteristic with dynamic and intuitionistic method at the same time. 3.

Taste a feature to build a model to be based on design technology and CAD to support the development of software function, develop a practical and open, CAD that faces a feature to design working platform, include library of graph of a few professional foundations, database, make design personnel can faster the function that uses commercial CAD software effectively, provide information to build CAD/CAE/CAPP/CAM unifinication compositive foundation. 4.

Compositive change design environment to include a project to pursue archives management and be based on technology of communication of subsidiary channels in the human body through which vital energy and product data to exchange a standard (like STEP) , in order to realize CAD/CAE/CAPP/CAM between, between personal computer and workstation, between departmental door compositive use, information is shared, offer a design / analysis / the working environment of production unifinication solution and collateral project, to realize departmental door between work in coordination provide a basis. 4, the machine tool is overall design CAD software " IDMT " apply this software to develop fund committee to aid financially by national machine technology. It aims to set out from compositive angle, emphasize solve CAD of the application on personal computer platform to have a machine tool overall the technology of general character foundation in the design, offer a perforative machine tool to design the application software system of whole process for the user. It faces machine tool industry, with numerical control machine tool development is main target, offer a machine tool to design personnel to do overall plan design and finite yuan of analysis, plan is evaluated, the product builds model, structural member to optimize with the product intuitionistic motion is emulated wait with, the system can change a method to try through regular user augment, satisfy the CAD application of other and similar mechanical product. 1 . This software is in software moving environment on personal computer platform, with Autodesk MDT of three-dimensional graph software is the software that prop up, use object-oriented programming language VB5.


0 wait for development with ObjectARX of tool of MDT object-oriented development and become, what return compositive commercialization at the same time is finite yuan of analytic software ALGOR and motion emulate software 3DStudioMAX. 2. Software advocate control software of interfacial graph 2IDMT advocate interface 3. Software brief introduction of module of a few main functions ■ offer but the data-base of machine tool trade catalogue of augment, browse for the user, inquire all sorts of example material information (information of characteristic of technical parameter, function, firm) , for the machine tool overall program design offers intuitionistic and convenient online inquiry and similar products plan to consult, quite, reach example of data of user new product to be generated quickly. ■ use design of innovation of machine tool product to achieve type mediumly to devise a method: According to cutting tool and information of the workpiece that be added, the analysis is moved by the figuration of treatment surface, undertake the function is achieved athletic first, and the motion every direction and one or more motion connection rises, form athletic function module (the module that parameter changes) , move each after that functional module concern by different geometric constraint and assemble a relation to be combined, fashion a machine tool finally plan of overall compose distribution. Press finally " function, economy and function " the evaluation factor system of tripartite face undertakes evaluating to many feasible plan. ■ it is be developed via 2 on MDT graph software and become, include a product three-dimensional feature establishs model, part drawing and assembly drawing design, and of fundamental graph library, database build with use, offer design personnel to have a product scale of attempt of design of three-dimensional model, structural member, project the working platform that wait. ■ use built machine tool to combine database of area base parameter, the machine tool that considers to build a bag to contain combinative department information is overall and limited yuan of analysis model, make finite yuan of method from sheet analytic trend is overall analysis. ■ the accurate movement that builds the accurate product of MDT modular design and 3DMAX dominates organic union, generate product motion to emulate a model, try to call show, provide an user thereby intuitionistic understanding rectifies accident to use position. ■ use pair of machine tools a few typical structural member (lathe bed, pillar, slideway, main shaft) by contented and certain tie condition (intensity, stiffness, weight) undertake the structure optimizes a design, realize database of design manual data to change. 4. Block diagram of run stream Cheng of software of 3IDMT of software moving flow chart 5, the last word is current the application of CAD technology already assisted plot to be mixed to three-dimensional and auxiliary products plan from 2 dimension CAD/CAE/CAM/PDM unifinication is compositive reach network and development of collateral project direction, the object of development application also already from single component to with the product overall for target, whole process integrated application CAD reachs his the way of relevant technology develops, how to make the application of CAD technology from current foundation before last a new chance to extricateoneself from an awkward position, already became each machine tool to produce an enterprise to compete in the market indifferent at one of indefectible crucial factors. CNC Milling CNC Machining