Gush bolus aggrandizement improves a spare parts to fight fatigue character

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When gear, connecting rod and crankshaft are working, easy generation curves stress to bring about invalidation; Compress bedspring, transmission shaft and twist the component such as lever easy when the job generation turns round stress and invalidation, use what gush bolus aggrandizement can improve a spare parts effectively to fight fatigue character. Improving bend fatigue of intensity of spare parts bend fatigue is most common fatigue invalidation form. Because spare parts surface draws the district of stress concentration just about. Throw ball / gush bolus aggrandizement is most effective to overcoming situation of this one invalidation. Be in the cantilever bridge that curves load to fall, bend be out of shape cause its surface to be in draw stress position, the change of any radius or geometrical appearance can cause exterior surface layer pull stress increase and its opposite is in however control stress state, this is to have ruinous fatigue load state most. Hand in change the pulls stress part to bring about fatigue crackle formation in stress and extend. Graph 1 can accuse to issue aggrandizement of gear gush bolus 1. Gear gear aggrandizement is Central Africa of gush bolus aggrandizement Chang Dian and general application. The gear of any dimension and form can be passed throw ball / the bend fatigue attribute that gush bolus aggrandizement will come to improve ministry of tooth profile root. The clench the teeth of teeth of a cogwheel and cantilever bridge case are similar, the generation of root place buy that the load that tine surface contact forms orders lower part in the contact curves stress. Gear is in sclerosis junior travel throws ball normally / gush bolus aggrandizement. Addition exterior hardness can raise high-pressured stress level into scale ground. According to craft parameter, classics cementite and throw ball / the biggest remains of the gear after gush bolus aggrandizement presses stress limits to be able to be in 1 170 ~ 1 600MPa. Aggrandizement cementite gear, use the steel pill with bigger hardness normally (55 ~ 62HRC) . If want to be opposite a little bit the impact of tooth flank is little, can choose the steel ball with a bit lower hardness (45 ~ 52HRC) , of generation approaching stress level will be generation of makings of hardness fast ball 50% the left and right sides. Attack through hammer around line of tooth flank section, abrade, honing and oscillatory light are acted the role of guide one presses stress, it is the optimal method that enhances gear to fight exhaustion to nod corrode. After finishing of gear classics surface is handled, can reduce osculatory stress further, but must take care, cannot build the layer of gush bolus aggrandizement of more than 10% . The light of small to gush bolus aggrandizement dent rectifies processing, can let contact load to distributing on area of a bigger list, can reduce osculatory stress further so. Graph the gear exhaustion intensity after 2 aggrandizement raises 15%~30% to be made in partial gear cutting in, throw ball through can charging a sex / the gear after gush bolus aggrandizement, be in 1 million times after circular action, fatigue intensity can increase 30% or more. The following organization / standards standard confirmed use can accuse aggrandizement of sexual gush bolus, tooth flank curves load to increase significantly: Lloyd's Register of Shipping, increase 20% ; Norwegian ship's classification society, increase 20% ; ANSI/AGMA 6032-A94 is marine gear norms, increase 15% . Nextpage2. Connecting rod connecting rod is dynamic is delivered in engine important part, it basically bears enrage what what body pressure and force of move back and forth produce to hand in change load. Accordingly, answer to make sure its have enough fatigue strength and structural stiffness above all when designing connecting rod, cannot increase structural size simply to increase the intensity of connecting rod and stiffness apparently, because increase connecting rod weight to be able to make force adds accordingly, a when so connecting rod designs significant demand is to be in enough strength and stiffness assure below deft structure as far as possible. Connecting rod stress is centered namely most the position that often produces invalidation is approaching center of big head aperture two side turn part of the part that receive a circle. With connecting rod exhaustion safety factor is the index of the quantity, design a requirement to satisfy intensity and stiffness, and the economy with the lightest weight optimizes plan is to no matter be to forging,be opposite, cast or pulverous metallurgy connecting rod undertakes any boring hole before machine treatment, advanced travel throws ball / gush bolus aggrandizement, can avoid the additional cost that screen cavity raises so. Aggrandizement around does not need to do other pretreatment or aftertreatment to connecting rod. 3. Normally the circumstance issues crankshaft, crankshaft all journal face change turn the horn that receive a circle needs to undertake throwing ball / gush bolus aggrandizement. This includes bearing journal and brace to sell among them. Brace sells the place that bearing round horn is stress concentration, the greatest stress happens in brace to sell transfer the bottom of round horn, when because become,engine ignites, brace sells the position that is located in top dead centre. Stress analysis decided brace is sold transfer round horn often is crackle open crack place, and to adjacent headstock circle horn expands, till cause whole crankshaft ruinous rupture invalidation. Many experiment proves, no matter be to forging,crankshaft of medium carbon steel, cast steel crankshaft still is crankshaft of crankshaft of nodular cast iron or Aobei ball iron, throw ball / gush bolus aggrandizement is to raise workpiece fatigue resistance to be able to be mixed the effective method that prolongs service life. The course runs actually in engine in, load of crankshaft place susceptive basically is to curve / to turn round compound load, bend fatigue is destroyed is the commonnest form of crankshaft invalidation, and in engine output power bearing of bigger, music suffers below the case with bigger torque, turn round exhaustion to destroy become form of main be no longer in force. Undertake to the crankshaft test piece of some derv engine exhaustion compares an experiment, material is stainless steel of 10Ph of Armco 17 ~ . Test result discovers, throw ball without the crankshaft of aggrandizement and classics / the crankshaft of gush bolus aggrandizement, hand in in what pass 1 billion times change after stress load action, measures fatigue intensity is 293MPa and 386MPa respectively, this specification course throws ball / gush bolus aggrandizement, the fatigue intensity of crankshaft rose about 30% . Graph the intensity of connecting rod exhaustion after 3 aggrandizement improves improvement greatly the spare parts turns round fatigue intensity to turn round exhaustion also is can pass one kind throw ball / the invalidation form that gush bolus aggrandizement will come to be overcome effectively, because its pull stress,center in workpiece surface. The stress that turns round load generation can make the same score direction to also can be in in water perpendicular direction, and the biggest pull stress to happen in the way that becomes 45 ° with axis of spare parts level. Low intensity material is in easily perpendicular cut because turn round exhaustion,the face is in and produce invalidation to rupture. Lose to the endurance of shearing force because of them at the endurance to tensile force. High strenth stuff is the easiest in what become 45 ° with workpiece level axis directional happening invalidation ruptures, lose to the endurance of tensile force because of them at the endurance to shearing force. 1.

Compress bedspring to compress bedspring to suffer hand in high change load action and the surface layer that the greatest stress produces in bedspring material more, throw ball so / gush bolus aggrandizement also is to improve the good technology that reduces bedspring exhaustion intensity. Bedspring material is in rolling, drawing, in coiling to make and reduce a process, cause pull stress. Besides after enlisting in army, be in hand in high change the operating mode condition of load, roll make craft itself can make inner ring forms bedspring to pull stress ruinously. Throw ball / gush bolus aggrandizement guides press stress counteractively into, make exterior change becomes leftover pressure layer, intensity makes an appointment with 1 035MPa. This is bedspring limit tensile strength (UTS) 60% , its realized bedspring exhaustion life to extend load effect time as a result, and do not produce invalidation. Outside dividing stage clip, throw ball / be like,gush bolus aggrandizement applies to other bedspring likewise extension spring, twist reed, suspension the aggrandizement that waits with board reed machines bedspring. Fatigue invalidation dot happens in remains to pull stress and susceptive to hand in normally change the place that load stress centralizes function, so the aggrandizement place of different bedspring differs somewhat. 2. Transmission shaft transmission shaft has dynamical drive through rotating, because this rotates in its,tensile load can produce on component part. Because the transmission shaft of great majority is big load bear force member, it is to throw ball so / first-rate of gush bolus aggrandizement is applicable object. Transmission shaft produces the place of invalidation to be in spline, cut, round horn and keyway place normally. 3. Twisting lever to twist lever and transverse thrust lever is the component part that is used at suspension and other and relevant system. Pass those who twist lever to twist change form to achieve amortize action to maintain smooth sex. Should use at waiting like car suspension system to bear heavy reestablish diplomatic relations changes the component of load, throw ball / gush bolus aggrandizement can implement a part light quantify and enlist in army life is longer. Auto industry is achieve light quantified purpose, those who use is to twist lever hollowly. Throw ball / employ of gush bolus aggrandizement is in load stress most the outer lane of concentration that twist lever. To heavy traffic (wait like burden lorry, racing bicycle) , crackle still can happen in the inner ring that twist lever, also get here torsional load action. CNC Milling CNC Machining