Renishaw RMP600 is compact model touch hairdo to measure a head

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Renishaw RMP600 is a kind compact model high accuracy touchs hairdo to measure a head, use radio signal to transmit, have automatic workpiece to search to measuring all advantages of the head not only, still can measure feature of complex three-dimensional work geometry on all sorts of machining center. RMP600 touchs hairdo to measure head structure solid, the semiconductor electron cell that uses maturity and jam-free signal transmits means, can get used to extremely harsh machine tool environment. The RENGAGE strain that RMP600 uses original creation piece technology, can measure a head to achieve higher precision level than standard mechanical, apply to the applied situation that all sorts of requirement high accuracy measure consequently. RENGAGE technology combined original creation send feeling orgnaization and advanced electronic unit, can be in shape apparently those who take step of Hang Yawei rice is three-dimensional measure, still can deserve to use even longer measure a needle to undertake metrical. Use strain piece the technology still makes RMP600 can be in lower spark with what stabilize highly spark below force, measure a needle to bend not easily, beforehand the journey can be ignorred, precision is accordingly taller. Although precision is very tall, do not affect integral consistency however, fight the machine tool that bumps ability to be able to achieve Renishaw other market to precede to measure the coequal level of the head. RMP600 measures a head is the 2nd is used jump frequency technology (of FHSS) touch hairdo to measure a head. The RMP60 of bear the palm touchs hairdo to measured a head to be used jump frequency technology, already had thousands of at present such measuring the head gets applied in world each district. With traditional radio transmission system differs, of RMP600 jump frequency transmission system does not use appropriative radio channel. Measure head and receiver to pass successive frequency synchronism " jumpy " , because this allows the many systems that measure a head and coexistence of other industry equipment. The signal of RMP600 and RMI receiver conjugate, undertake Sunday run is transmitted, suffer interference scarcely. Those who measure a head jump frequency is transmitted once,mean RMP600 and RMI conjugate, but synchronism jumps frequency, provide reliable communication. Can carry M code signal " open " radio measures a head. This system is accorded with European Union, United States, Japan, Canada, Switzerland, Australia, China and other the standard of radio news report of a lot of countries. Renishaw RMP600 touchs hairdo to measured a head to provide unapproachable performance in dimension, precision, dependability and consistence respect, undertake high accuracy is measured on the machine tool that and came true first transmits in signal of optics of large machining center or effect of keep out problem. The size that measures a head ensures its can contact the face that has cutting with snickersnee. It has Renishaw to touch hairdo to measure all advantages of the head, include to decrease adjust a number, reduce percent defective, save clamping apparatus cost, can improve high accuracy of process control and implementation to be in machine measure. CNC Milling CNC Machining