The working principle of Laser Cutting machine

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Laser Cutting machine is now the very advanced equipment in machining, it is laser first time second apply in machining domain, the progress that gives machining brought unprecedented promotion. Is the working principle of Laser Cutting machine how? A lot of people are not to understand exceedingly to Laser Cutting machine, great majority is to hear the somebody in the person of the same trade to had mentioned, but the working principle that does not know its are basic is how, big fellow laser gives everybody detailed explanation; Laser Cutting machine basically is by two ministries cent is comprised, one is numerical control work station, another is a machine tool. We can carry numerical control work station, the blueprint that needs place treatment is inputted among them, after its operation, can conduct the instruction treatment machine tool, treatment machine tool can machine a wanted Ban gold design according to the instruction. The core part of the machine tool basically is among them laser generator, its are the core place of whole equipment. Why to say so? Because it is the private unit of cut metal. It can light energy of electric energy translate into, release extremely powerful laser bundle, and laser loincloth has very big energy, be in through illuminate Ban gold surface, make its illuminate surface reachs very high temperature quickly, make workpiece illuminate face melts to evaporate, will achieve cut and carven goal in the displacement that carries cut head. The laser of machine of general Laser Cutting has a lot of kinds, can distribute the Laser Cutting machine of different sort according to different material. We have the laser that is medium with solid matter commonly, its representing has opportunity of solid YAGLaser Cutting. It is the laser of medium with gas, its representing has CO2Laser Cutting opportunity. With fiber-optic the laser that is medium, its representing has opportunity of fiber-optic Laser Cutting. These 3 kinds treatment effect and treatment ply are different. CNC Milling CNC Machining