The active filling of grinding action is helpful for in metalloid mineral products

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Below sulfur and haloid steam existence, the energy that place of cut rolled steel needs can be reduced greatly. The cutting liquid that should use compound grinding fluid and tool of only place cutting to emery wheel of pottery and porcelain theoretically already got confirming. When foregone cutting steel products, metal of low melting point is a kind of excellent lubricant, people also used this when production grinding fluid on one hand knowledge. Because colophony emery wheel is used at working to grind normally, do not use refrigerant when grinding, did not get consequently haloid or sulfur steam and metal of low melting point the action that wait. In view of this, these material join colophony bond emery wheel to make directly normally in. When emery wheel doing is ground, there are sulfur or haloid steam presence in grinding place, they can make the chemical bond of steel ruptures, make the ability of grinding steel rises greatly thereby. In a few binder, contain the metal of low melting point, rise besides grinding pressure and speed beyond, still make steel itself fused. Metal of low melting point and binder chemical combination also are beneficial. With the colophony emery wheel that grinds rolled steel at working, its always are contained in optimal recipe haloid or the supply system of sulfur. When grinding stainless steel and alloy steel, chemical and active filling is very important; Very not important to carbolic steel, and when grinding is not iron metal, chemical and active filler does not have advantage right-down. 1, the chemical expression of natural cryolite of natural cryolite and pyrite     is Na3A1F6. Cryolite pink is to regard as above all fill strong data is used, use at rising to grind provided strength. Because the melting point of cryolite is inferior,discover then, in the action with the hot grinding in grinding process, cryolite melt, make grind bead to fall off easily, with preventing emery wheel jam. Additional, fused cryolite, lubricant effect can have in grinding; And fluorine of its separate out, be helpful for the grinding of rolled steel, so cryolite pink suits at grinding need not of cooling fluid dry grind emery wheel. Carry out a proof, use at making common emery wheel, of cryolite pink fill strong action is inferior to half water gesso, its join a quantity to be commonly 1.

% of 5 % ~5. Pyrite (FeS2) can use with the form of small pink. But the barren of bead of high density kibble that shapes in hot pressing grinds emery wheel in, the granuality of pyrite is F60 about, such size dimensions is to be in abrasive dimension and colophony between small pink dimension, in bond its affiliation is measured is place 50% what use volume of small pink filling; The pyrite of thick granuality is used in very thick abrasive, its action is to be able to accommodate many filling, and still be had make porosity reduces the capacity of 0. The mixture of natural cryolite and pyrite is a kind of admirable filling, people uses emery wheel of kibble of its preparation high strenth, these emery wheel do not need metallic lubricant, fuse with respect to what can make emery wheel brings about steel in locomotive process or at least bate, make cut process undertakes more easily thereby. 2, vulcanization zinc and synthesizing cryolite of cryolite     is the active filling that uses above all, in all filling, it is the filling that uses the most extensively all the time. However the relation as a result of its resource, people begins to use other material to replace it. The chemical name that synthesizes cryolite is Potassium of fluorine boric acid, chemical expression is KBF4. Hoar crystallization is pulverous, small dissolve at water. Actually, it is bigger than the active of natural cryolite. But, join what Potassium of fluorine boric acid lowered colophony bond however to fight Zhang Jiang to spend. Accordingly, its make dosage is very few. Synthetic cryolite is like feldspar to wait with blame active filling normally mix use, using fluorine boric acid while potassium will improve grinding performance, use feldspar comes to those who raise bond fight Zhang Jiang to spend. Zinc of active filling vulcanization (ZnS) got be used extensively in the colophony bond emery wheel of cut rolled steel. It can be used with the form of natural and mineral, blende already, can use with chemical precipitated powder again, among them the active of precipitated powder is bigger, costlier also. 3, chloridize lead and lead of chloridize of   of vulcanization antimonial   (PbCl2) , white crystal, density 5.

85g / Cm3, melting point 501 ℃ , boiling point 950 ℃ , not dissolve is mixed at cold water, alcohol ether, a bit dissolve at hot water. The emery wheel that uses preparation of these two kinds of material has good cut performance, but because they are had,accumulate noxiousness, generator is being made up not only, mix, shape in waiting for manufacturing process, be endangered, and be below the action with hot grinding, these material still can volatilize, what also endanger the person that use is healthy. CNC Milling CNC Machining