Efficient, accurate, agile shunt-wound machine tool

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20 centuries appeared on the world at the beginning of 70 time the first batch of electric robots, in the working domain of a few extremely only harmonic danger, be used to replace human body labor. The characteristic of this technology is working limits big, flexibility is tall, get used to the applied domain with certain precision and rigid not high demand, like spot welding, arc welding, assemble and unassemble workpiece and assemble simply wait for the job. Of this kind of robot application is series connection technology, its technology advantage is working terminal can move to each direction, have enough dynamic property and flexibility, can reach the work area of the requirement, but its precision and tigidity are poorer. What the traditional numerical control machine tool in industrial domain applies is the technology of this kind of series connection of similar robot, same, also existing the blemish of precision and rigid respect. To compensate this kind of technology " insufficient " , the integral construction that the machine tool produces business to must design the machine tool into wide bed face will ensure series construction, although terminally joint also can maintain very good precision and tigidity. But, structure of this kind of whole and wide bed range offsetted dynamic function and flexibility. Machine tool of new generation paralell connection all the time since, the developer of machine tool manufacturing industry people the dream is worn good the flexibility of the robot, work area is large as high as precision of traditional machine tool, tigidity good point is united in wedlock together. In 20 years of in the past, people all the time machine tool of paralell connection of motion of with a view to (PKM) develop. Shunt-wound robot technology is to point to pass 3 or calm platform mixes connection of 3 above telescoping mechanism use platform, implementation uses the campaign of platform. When necessary, the terminal that using platform establishs ties again two runner shaft coming back, can realize large athletic space and athletic stance limits. The tigidity of this kind of structure, precision is very remarkable, and the flexibility that still can assure a structure and work area. From 1994 up to now, large quantities of one shunt-wound machine tools appeared on the world. Among them, provide most representative is by Carl - the shunt-wound machine tool that the name that Mr Newmann develops is Tricept. 2004, mr Newmann established author of invention of Tricept shunt-wound machine tool Exechon company, invented technology of machine tool of paralell connection of new generation Exechon. Technology of machine tool of new generation paralell connection broke through development of machine tool of block up paralell connection and a lot of bottleneck that apply extensively and obstacle, function index and use a sex easily all considerably excel Tricept technology. During CIMT 2007, limited company of group of Harbin measure cutting tool (abbreviation with a ha is measured) exhibited LinkS-EXE700 shunt-wound machine tool. This machine tool is in union the experience that with a ha measures original and shunt-wound machine tool is accumulated, add introduce Exechon and the machine tool of new generation paralell connection that the design on the foundation of newest and patent technology makes online bed, in machine tool trends function, rigid, precision and user process designing operated respect of simple and easy sex to reach very high level. The design concept of LinkS-EXE700 shunt-wound machine tool dash forward all causes that showed shunt-wound machine tool, if tall tigidity and wonderful flexibility are mixed,dynamic sex photograph is united in wedlock. Its break through a dot is utmost ground reduces athletic joint, its joint of shunt-wound orgnaization motion reduces 6, freedom is spent it is 10. The hypostatic structure that this kind of design forms can eliminate a machine tool completely the influence of each square bending and torque force. This machine tool has the following characteristic: □ is only 6 joint, 10 freedom are spent. Its tigidity, dynamic function and high speed function rise considerably, cancelled the center that exists on Tricepts to be in charge of, eliminated the bending that is in charge of by the center and the integral tigidity that twist quote from a secondary source to rise and precision to drop element. □ used calibration of newest shunt-wound machine tool and demarcate technology, can all parameter of machine tool of calibration paralell connection, it is the first compensates the shunt-wound machine tool with respect and traditional CNC identical machine tool in the error. This machine tool can need the opening of precision of class of filling treatment H7, exterior surface roughness achieves Ra0.

8. No matter main shaft of the platform below □ machine tool is in any positions of size range of pipe bent, its trends character maintains height to agree, the choice that machines optimal cutting parameter for high speed was offerred assure. □ size range of pipe bent is big, its limits figure is similar one ball coronal, the diameter amounts to 3m, ball coronal height is 0.

6m, broke through the limitation with little space of work of traditional and shunt-wound orgnaization. □ can realize the place that 5 ~ reach all and compound angle 6 times to machine inside effective work space, comfortable operable Yu Minjie is machined, the complex other that needs 6 to install clip to be able to finish 5 ~ only the treatment that reachs curved surface of compound angle Konghe. The online production that □ realized virtual work (ILP) examine. Realized numerical control machine tool to be in true controller first, the axial data that transmits with actual drive undertakes real time emulate. Another of this technology fundamental application is OK to the treatment of the machine tool metre undertakes emulation, great to producing a content actually. The outstanding feature □ of shunt-wound machine tool machines a tradition adroitly when 3 axes are machined, be opposite workpiece and department of machine tool coordinate neat it is a job that spends a large number of auxiliary time. It is use price usually costly and not agile servo controls clamping apparatus, or measure equipment manual adjustment through using advanced off line every workpiece. Shunt-wound machine tool uses laser easily or the tradition measures a head, combine the acceleration with 5 axes extremely tall machine tool and the function that move quickly, workpiece can be measured inside a few seconds before treatment, corresponding ground adjusts relevant program data, building new workpiece coordinate is. Cite one example for, the gas cylinder bushing on engine group is discontinuous. Before beginning to machine, need to enrage cylinder bushing to undertake metrical to every, computation, again coordinate of replace machine tool is, and all these measure are in and be only on online bed inside a few seconds achievable. When the machine tool of 3 axes numerical control that □ packs clip to machine a tradition machines 6 all faces of workpiece, if air cylinder is built, normally need uses on 2 ~ 3 clamping apparatus, undertake for many times holding clip on product line. This meeting brings a lot of issues, be like: Shutdown of a machine, whole product line is met halt; The common difference that because give workpiece to change clamping apparatus ceaselessly,causes is cumulative, cause Cpk occurrence problem; Design and make of clamping apparatus raised manufacturing cost. Distinctive flexibility makes and online bed from theoretic all ranges that air cylinder lid or bumper work can process inside clip can be held in. If this technology adds above to narrate the word that measures a head again, use the low cost clamping apparatus that need not consider precision of repeatability fixed position can. Consequently, all problems with cumulative public errand also disappear subsequently, the Cpk value of workpiece also can increase. The product line that makes by the shunt-wound machine tool of as much is collateral, each machine tool can complete the full treatment of a workpiece independently, although have occurrence trouble of a machine tool, production also won't get too big impact. Treatment of □ compound angle is current, people grows day and day to sophisticated treatment and the demand that compound angle machines. The machine tool cannot accomplish a lot of nowadays traditions, shunt-wound machine tool can come true however. Normally, when traditional 3 axes machine tool has this kind of treatment, need to add a lot of additional equipment, be like complete 2 axes revolving stage. But, these additional facility not only the price is high, and be hard to calibration is safeguarded. If want to machine Kong Shi of a compound angle only when workpiece, very not be to one's profit. And to shunt-wound machine tool, machine perpendicular aperture or nonexistent difference is between face and the aperture that machine compound angle or face. □ multiple method mixes reach eliminate pull a knife an old issue in treatment of 3 axes tradition machines perfect pure calm surface namely. Use multiple method treatment, the tigidity of requirement machine tool and precision are first-rate. Actually, although the condition is contented, avoid the grain arris between occurrence method impossibly also. Solve this problem, traditional machine tool basically has two kinds of ways: It is the cutting tool that use motion contrail can cover whole face, but power of need machine tool is greater, and stability is better; 2 it is from machinery the respect tilts main shaft very small angle, but because be done very troublesome, in actual in cannot come true almost. The main shaft of shunt-wound machine tool and workpiece surface are perpendicular did not concern, the dip angle that determines with so realizes big planar treatment very easily to machine tool process designing. Another advantage of means of this kind of treatment is the reverse side of the cutting tool when be being machined does not contact workpiece, can improve the service life of cutting tool. When machining the cast that takes Yu Sha especially, the reverse side that sand can splash cutting tool and indigestion stay between face of the back of a knife blade and workpiece, wear away quickly cutting tool. The success that creates a field in the car uses general firm is first will shunt-wound machine tool the car user that uses in component production. Hydro company is the first will shunt-wound machine tool application makes frame produce medium global company at aluminium supplier. In new-style Corvette (Xue Fulan) in the car, the shunt-wound machine tool that Hydro company, Dana company and global company use 5 to take revolving stage produces windscreen casing, main body wearing and side roof beam for its. BMW company is up to now user of the biggest authority of shunt-wound machine tool, they use shunt-wound machine tool Yu Jixin in 5 departments and the car production of 6 departments. Replace as another kind of traditional machine tool, BMW company is opposite and online bed undertook thorough and careful analysis, conclude: To new 5 departments and the treatment of the rear before 6 departments car, shunt-wound machine tool created outstanding outstanding achievement. The statistical data of this company makes clear, all expectation value already came true and very much circumstance falling is better than what anticipate. Current, PSA group aborning used 25 shunt-wound machine tools at least. Among them a product line that forms by 13 shunt-wound machine tools that take revolving stage, use at large quantities of quantities to produce new-style Peugeot(to indicate) the around axle of 407 cars. This system is contented already also, very much even circumstance issues those who exceeded PSA group to anticipate. In the meantime, the cylinder body that PSA group used many shunt-wound machine tool successfully to machine engine and crock are built. Up to now, what these machine tools already ran 5 years below full load condition is long. CNC Milling CNC Machining